Flash Platform Development

Flash Platform Development

Flash Platform Development in India has gained prominence as it helps attract your visitors by creating eye-catching Flash Animations and animated banners and it is also supported by all web browsers. Flash is an effective and visually appealing way of presenting the information of the organization on the website. It is an amalgamation of animation, sound and dynamic web-pages that help in creating a lasting impression on the end-users through the medium of a website. Flash provides the designers with the power to develop animations and interactive movies that help in drawing more viewers. Moreover, as the graphics used in flash websites are based on mathematical functions instead of bitmaps, designers can easily increase and decrease their sizes without introducing the appearance of jagged edges with each change.

Exploiting our Vast expertise in website designing, we are renowned flash development company, offering our clients with a unique design of website complete with Flash banners and introduction.

Some of the exclusive features of our Flash development services are

  • Attractive web pages complimented with sound and animation
  • Flash movie presentations of the company's profile and its services
  • Interactive user interface and enthralling user experience
  • Customized animation including text, 2D animations, video clips and edits and image effects
  • Capability to design complex flash development structure as per your business requirements
  • Expertise in creating a fast loading browser flash website that will facilitate your visitor to have fast browsing experience
  • High-quality flash website designs and flash scripting used to develop web applications such as online booking, vacation rentals, travel & tourism, match making, and social networking sites.

Working on Flash Application Development with a difference, we present optimum quality flash animations that set your site apart from the rest. Also, we completely understand the significance of your content and therefore create attention-grabbing and unique flash animations that will impress your clients without distracting them from your content.

We are a reliable and proficient flash development company, providing you with an effective multimedia, 3D animation and flash development services to enhance your internet business and attract your online customers. With our hands on experience, we are able to create a website which will give you continuous leads and high revenue making your website as the best marketing investment you ever made. Our web designers are well versed with the latest in the Flash Application Development technology and make use of the special audio or visual effect on the website to gain more attention of online users.

Flash Media Server

FMS (Flash Media Server) is a media server from Adobe Systems which helps to stream live video and audio files. It is also used for Real Time Communication - as a chat room or as a multiplayer games.

we provide following services and application using Flash Media Server.

  • On Demand Online Video Platform
  • Flash Streaming Server
  • Video Encoding Solution
  • Web Meeting Solution
  • On Demand Audio Conference
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Chatting
  • Audio Recording
  • Digital Audio Recording
  • Recording Webcam Software
  • Live Streaming Events
  • Audio Web Stream
  • Streaming Media Video
  • Flash Live TV For Streaming Media
  • WordPress Video Streaming Solution
  • Live Streaming Video Software
  • Audio Streaming Software
  • Streaming Video Software
  • Audio Chat Video
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Enterprise-level Realtime Survey Applications
  • Realtime Survey Graphs

Adobe Air Development

The Adobe AIR Development runtime lets developers use their existing Web development skills in HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, AJAX, Flex, Adobe Flash Professional, and Flash Builder to build and deploy rich Internet applications across platforms and devices — including Android, BlackBerry, iOS devices, windows, personal computers, and televisions.

We can help you build the next generation applications using Adobe AIR Development. Dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in developing cutting-edge Adobe AIR Development. Proven benefits for your business including enhanced productivity, higher ROI and lower costs

Why use Adobe AIR

Power of Choice – With Adobe AIR, users get to choose the mode of operation for their applications

Consistency – All operating system users get a consistent experience

Better Interactivity -Improved engagement with customers using enhanced features leads to more interactivity

Improved Efficiency – Using AIR saves precious development time, which leads to cost reduction over a period of time

Increased ROI – It allows you to use existing people, systems, and infrastructure, which helps increase ROI

Customization – Adobe AIR is built on technologies that cater to your specific requirements

Adobe AIR Development Technologies

Artoon Solutions rich expertise in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering many AIR projects for our clients in different parts of the world. Technologies/Methodologies we have gained expertise and proven track record are as below.

  • HTML, Ajax, Adobe Flash®, and Adobe Flex® technologies
  • Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5
  • Adobe Flash Builder™ 4 (Previously called Adobe Flex Builder)
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • Javascript, XML, SQLite

Adobe AIR Industries

Our Offshore Adobe AIR Development team have provided cutting edge solutions to clients in the below mentioned industries and have gained significant appreciation for their expertise. We have worked on Adobe AIR development projects across various industries as given below.

  • Music & Entertainment industry
  • Movies and Video industry
  • Online Social Media industry
  • IT Services industry
  • Travel & Tourism industry
  • E-Learning Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Gaming & Video Industry

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