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PhpBB Development is a famous Internet forum package written in the PHP programming language. The name "phpBB" is an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board. phpBB is available under the GNU (General Public License).

phpBB is flexible and feature rich, it allows administrators and web masters to create infinite forums, categories, users, user groups, and moderators having different access rights to the forum. phpBB was first released in 2001, currently latest version phpBB3 is used for development and phpBB Forum Customization of bulletin board applications.

Our phpbb Developers and Hire phpBB developers professional services experts phpBB development and adaptation of signs of mold on the site according to your wishes and requirements. PhpBB integration process includes adjusting the front page, and changes in design, color combination of the header and footer and make sure the customer support. phpBB Forum Customization at Artoon Solutions includes forum integration and forum layout customisation in which phpBB forums design and phpBB Forum Customization is suitable as per customers site. Quality, stylish and user-friendly forums by Artoon Solutions, delivered to customers at low cost.

Our company Artoon Solutions has invested time and effort in developing internal talent PHP. The Team of PHP software technology is capable of providing customised solutions in phpBB advanced in all versions of phpBB, as phpBB, phpBB2 and phpBB3.

PhpBB has developed several modules, among them phpBB3 is the latest one. Our phpBB developers have expertise in below additional features of phpBB3 which includes

Features of phpBB Development

phpBB is written in the PHP language and is cross platform compatible with other open source software as well as Microsoft software. The messaging solutions that phpBB allows makes it a popular open source communication solution for many of our customers. Our web development company uses phpBB as a powerful "bulletin board" style tool in many of our Website development and web application projects. We feel that through phpBB development, your company will communicate more effectively and be more competitive in their industry. Other features of phpBB include

  • Simple moderator and administrator interfaces
  • Comprehensive message tracking
  • Easy to set up forums and other organizational divisions on the "bulletin board"
  • Users are simple to setup and maintain
  • And many more

phpBB Features

  • phpBB Modular design for the Admin Control Panel, Moderator Control Panel, and User Control Panel
  • Support for multiple database management systems, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Firebird, OpenLink Virtuoso, and other ODBC-accessible DBMS
  • Support for unlimited levels of subforums
  • Options to create custom BBCode
  • Options to create custom profile fields
  • Administration
  • Permissions system
  • UTF-8 Support
  • User Preferences
  • Moderation
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Private Message System
  • Unread message tracking
  • Statistics

Our Main Service Areas in phpBB Development includes

  • phpBB Installation
  • phpBB Customization
  • phpBB Forum Customization
  • phpBB Custom Template and theme development
  • phpBB Custom module development
  • phpBB Website Maintenance
  • phpBB module development

Following are the few convincible reasons for our success in online projects

  • Continues Research work for online developments
  • Well managed plans for timely delivery of projects
  • Advanced professional approach towards given tasks.
  • Experienced Team for each project
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