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Do It Yourself

Mobile and web interfaces that allow you to build your own campaigns from anywhere, anytime. Create, update and measure while on the go.

Whether you are creating targets for AR scans or building perimeters around your business to trigger messages and promotions, you are able to upload images, videos, coupons using our platform agnostic Campaign Management System. Log in anytime to view real time analytics and customer engagement with your media.

Immediate Mobile Enablement

cThru.us mobile app (iOS/Android) makes your content and promotion available for delivery and ready for camera scan within few minutes of upload.

No third party needed, no engineers required and no more wait time. You identify your target image, media or a virtual perimeter – load them into the Campaign Management System –specify your campaign start and end dates and within minutes your promotion is live!

Operating from the Cloud

Our infrastructure runs on Amazon cloud with full redundancy and scalability. While the cloud servers do the heavy lifting, we focus more in creating outstanding apps.

Whether your customers are using the app to scan your printed fliers or walking within a mile from your store, our cloud services have enough capacity to allow thousands of your customers grab that incredible promotion, play that media or save a coupon for future reference. Our robust application can open that powerful video message or eye popping graphic coupon in less than a second.