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How to Build a Multigaming Platform App Like MPL, Hago & WinZO?


For the last couple of years, multi-game platform apps have been acing the gaming world as it offers a variety of small but interesting games to the players. Some of the most popular and widely downloaded Multigaming applications are MPL, Hago, WinZo, Baazinow, and Loco. All these games are in trend and people earn real money by just playing games. Yes, you heard the right “Playing games”. How’s it possible? Well, it’s possible because of the coin-cash method. You will understand in a better way when you install any of the above-mentioned games and start playing (For reference only).

Since the multi-gaming platforms have been getting fame and popularity, many investors and entrepreneurs have been attracted to building such gaming platforms and earning real cash in a hefty amount. Are you one of them interested in earning by allowing users to play games and earn cash? Read ON.

Now, as you have decided to take a deep dive into the multi-gaming platform and planning to get an app that works similarly like Hago and MPL. You need to consider the following things otherwise you may get disappointed by getting an app without catch-elements.

Game Development

What Features Should Have into Your Stunning Multi-Gaming App?

What makes a game or app interesting? Of course, it’s features/functionalities. Without advanced and unique features, your game can’t compete and win in the cut-throat gaming competition. However, not only advanced features can help you; your application must have basic features as well. Have a look at the features that must be included in the multi-gaming app.

  • Design UI/UX

    The first impression is the last impression. We all have heard. Well, it’s not true all the time but when it comes to a gaming world, it’s 100% true. Without a good look and feel, no game can survive in the current gaming world. No matter what type of your game/app you are planning to build, invest a large chunk on the UI/UX. It may all get in vain if users do not love the design.

  • Coin-Cash System

    A Must-have feature in the multi-gaming app, one can’t deny. After all, this is the way to earn money for both players and owners. A complex coin system can’t convince the players to buy the coins easily and withdraw real Money. In short, it may ruin all your efforts. Make the coin system easy to understand for players. For the coin system, you can take a Dream11 coin system as a reference. However, a game is no longer available.

    An easy to understand and simple process of buying and withdrawing makes users comfortable and worry-free.

  • Payment Method

    Users download your game for earning money and so, the payment/transaction process should be simple and should be more than 3 steps. A lengthy process affects your business negatively. Let your users play games, earn coins and withdraw money easily to build trust. You can make the process of buying coins easily through a third party like PayPal, regional transaction system (ex. In India: PayTM, Gpay, PhonePe, etc).

    Remember: Do not confuse your potential users through the transaction process

  • Game Format & Rules

    Try to make game format and rules as simple as you can. Denote the rules on the screen when it is necessary but should be in short-form. Do not explain the rules in lengthy texts; it may bore your users and may get away from the app just because of the silly mistake. If you don’t have much idea about the rules of multi-gaming platforms; you should discuss with the multigaming platform development company like Artoon Solutions.

  • Live Text & Video Chat

    Today, almost all real money games have these in-built features and so, this should be included in yours as it’s widely accepted by the players. Well, these features will increase the budget but worth it. Let your gaming users chat with each other and make the game interesting.

  • Make Friends

    More Friends, More Fun! This feature allows your users to invite their friends and family members to have fun on your application. This way, your userbase will be increased and so, the revenue. Referral code can be helpful to increase the no of downloads.

    Allow your users to make friends through your gaming apps like HAGO. Let them become friends and play games with extra joy together.

What App Should I Include in My Multi gaming Platform like HAGO & WinZO?

Well, you can add as much as games you want but then after the size of a game would be increased and will not remain feasible for all the users. Of course, the budget concern would be there. As more games you include, the cost of development and integration would be increased.

Considering both the factors, we have listed a few interesting apps that should be integrated into the game irrespective of size and budget.

Fantasy Sports Apps like…


Shooting Competition

And More…

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What Are the Benefits of Developing a Multi-Gaming Platform?

The prime objective of developing a gaming platform is earning money. The same applies to yours too. How do you generate revenue through the app? Well, the answer is simple. Players will buy coins to play games. The cash they spend to buy coins is what your revenue. The more users buy coins, the more revenue your application generates. It’s as simple as that.

Why players pay you to buy coins? The coins allow players to play certain games from the list. They compete, win the competition and get the winning amount (here coins). Then, they can convert coins into cash according to rules.

Other ways to get benefits from the app is the third-party advertisement. When a player taps on the advertising banner, a certain amount will be credited to your account from the publisher’s account. However, this is not a good option at an initial stage as it may ruin the excitement of players.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Clone App Like HAGO & MPL?

Well, you must have to be prepared for the thousands of dollars to make a clone app like MPL & HAGO. Yes, the budget seems quite higher at the first instance but the ROI will be much higher than what you spent on development if the marketing strategy works well. To get the nearer estimates, you need to consult with a similar app development agency to understand the budget segmentation. The design, features, advanced options, no integrated games, and more are primary factors that affect the cost of development.

Get in Touch

Another factor is the platform on which you are going to develop a gaming app either in native or cross-platform. Cross-platform frameworks like flutter are in demand right now as it helps to develop an app in both platforms easily. Each has its own pros and cons. Before picking any of them frameworks, you should consult with the multi-gaming app development company.

Who can Develop it?

Frankly speaking, not all mobile app development companies can help you develop an application similar to HAGO, WinZO, MPL, and Loco. Only a few development companies have years of experience in the gaming industry and have developed 100+ games for clients. Artoon Solutions is one of them and you can put trust in their skills and professional developers. Having been in this field for more than 10 years, Artoon has become a front-runner in game development India.

Still confused about developing a gaming application; don’t hesitate to consult with the Artoon Solutions sales team today or drop a line at ([email protected]). Let our developers build a stunning and users’ loving multi-gaming app.

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