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Jab (When) we met online! – Is Online dating app the current Fad?

“Love will find its way”

“Love will find its way”

Remember the time when finding love online was considered a taboo. In the present day scenario, loners around the world are experiencing a whole new level of dating. With the online dating app development, the world of dating is seeing a reinvigorated way of finding love online. Well, not just loners but anyone can make use of this application to find their soul mates.

Well, social media has become the recent craze of this era and it is one such platform that allows one to share everything and anything to the world. People love to stay engaged in social media that they find themselves to be completely immersed and concealed in their world and thoughts. With the abundance of online dating applications, people these days are finding love without the hassle of going to the crowded bars, cafes or restaurants.

How is online dating application like Tinder becoming immensely popular?

Anything gets clicked, only if it’s easy to use and keeps one at the edge-of-the-seat. When it comes to online dating application, nomophobic or not are finding it easy to be in their same personal space and also find a partner for casual flings. Reasons for the immense popularity of online dating application are many:

Simple. Stupid Simple to use

When it comes to log in or signing process, the integration of the social media platform has made it hassle-free and seamless. All it calls for is a login time of 10 seconds. Millennials around the world love the way online dating renders them varied options. You can scan through the options while sitting at home and without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Impressive UX

The user interface of dating applications is highly intuitive and unique. The online dating community loves the way the application confidently displays its features. Tinder doesn’t allow the users to send unwanted messages.

Gamification strategy

People go on and on swiping right all day long to find the best match for them. By applying gamification to the online dating platform, the application has become even more exciting. This strategy has been such a hit that now finding a partner has become a game in our society.

Organic growth-focused

Tinder-like applications focuses on only organic traffic giving it the right kind of core users. Due to this strategy, they can target on refining their product quality rather than going behind increasing their traffic through ads.

Targeting people with numerous connections

Online dating applications target the main influencers or people with many connections. Initially, Tinder focused on college students. It is such a community that socializes to such an extent that it renders a possibility to broaden the word of mouth influence.

Advantage of online dating over traditional dating

Earlier, dates happened either from a friend’s references or through acquaintances. Nowadays, it’s all different. They say “Time changes everything and everyone”. Likewise, it has changed the way, we seek courtship as well. Let’s take a look at the benefits of mobile dating app over traditional dating below:

It requires less socializing

Online dating is a boon to everyone, especially for an introvert. To meet someone new, in case of traditional dating you would be required to frequent public gatherings such as bars, clubs, etc. When it comes to introverts, socializing to such an extent may seem to be a bit baffling. Not just introverts, but the busy bees of this era can also be hugely benefited by these online dating applications. One can easily access all the features from a remote location yet stay connected and find their best possible match.

Know your match closely

With the online dating profile, people can select among varied option of online daters. Be it in their local area or from another country, through online dating anything is possible. One can know anything from hobbies to interests in any field and get a better perspective of their partner’s inquisitiveness. With this platform, one can easily save on expenses required to travel and meet up on their dates.

Increase the scope of meeting new people

The chances of finding new people from any part of the world are high here as the user database of online dating applications are plenty in numbers. With all the available details, one easily filter among them and find their best match effortlessly.

Freedom to make decisions

Unlike traditional dating, in online dating one can take time and decide whether they are comfortable in dating and meeting the other person. Online dating gives them a choice to understand their partner well and get convinced of their character. Thus, they get the freedom to decide well before jumping into a conclusion.

With over 10 million active daily users, online dating apps like Tinder are making huge money and gaining immense popularity. Just in case, if you want to become next giant like Tinder and are looking for developing an online dating application then we can certainly help you with it. Being an immaculate mobile app development company, we will create an application that will help you leverage your dating app by bringing productivity and efficiency. Contact us here and do let us know your requirements.

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