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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Data Transmitter and Receiver Platform  
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The Project

The project Vitro App is a platform used for sharing the information from one device to another device or can say from transmitter to receiver. Here Smartphone (Android) act as the transmitter and Tablet (Android) will act as the receiver. This application will allow users to set up their connection (between transmitter and receiver) via Wi-Fi. After setting the connection user will be able to select the features from the mobile and sync their device to display to information on remote/receiver side tablet.

Project Challenge

The major challenge was to keep the connection between Transmitter and Receiver active and stable. The Artoon Solutions team had to work hard on achieving the Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi set up connection and data transfer as a part of the project MVP. The next challenge was to reduce the response time for processing of the app. Artoon Solutions team achieved the great success in reducing the response time by optimizing the assets and source code of the whole application. The app was delivered to the client as expected as a end result.

The Endeavor

The idea is to design and develop a Remote Device application (Android) which allows user to share the information of the selected features on the transmitter device (Mobile App) to the Receiver device (Android Tablet) via Wi-Fi. Users will be able to download the app from their respective stores i.e. Google Play. To setup the connection between the two devices i.e. Transmitter (Smartphone) and Receiver (Android Tablet) user need not to physically interact with the receiver device (Android tablet) as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi has already been enabled on the receiver device. Once both the transmitter (Smartphone) and Receiver device (Android Tablet) get connected via Bluetooth then user will be able to enter the WI-FI SSID and WEB KEY. After providing the details, the user will click on "Connect Remote Device to Wi-Fi" and once the connection has been setup then the label of this button changed to "Remote Device Connected to Wi-Fi". Once the connection has been set up then users will be able to select the features that they want to see in the Receiver device (Tablet). The various features which user can select will be Temperature, Pictures, Calendar Events, Headline news, Calendar, Reminder, Stock, Currency exchange.

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Client feedback

We are happy with the results. We will continue working with Artoon Solutions and recommending as well.
Jose Founder Vitro, Monterrey, Mexico
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