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Eyebrows Measure Symmetry App for Permanent Makeup, Fashion and Entertainment Application  
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The Project

The Idea for this project is to design and develop a mobile application for the users who want to measure symmetry for their eyebrows for permanent makeup. End user first needs to download an app from the app store and create an account with their profile details. In next step user needs to upload picture of their face and can start experimenting with the app. Brow design connects the new people locally or from all over the world who want to see the measurements of their eyebrows and can take right decision for beauty and makeup. User can use forums to discuss their queries and share their experiences with brow design users. Application provides user an extensive experience with high definition graphics which gives the clear picture of eyebrows and helps the user to attain desired beauty.

Project Challenge

The major challenge was to make the app user friendly, productive, pleasant and comfortable especially the User Interfaces for targeted audience because the real user of the app is middle age group. To achieve the great user experience Artoon Solutions team had to work hard on user interface through which team achieved the great success in high definition images of eyebrows. The next challenge was to reduce the response time for processing of the app. Artoon Solutions team achieved the great success in reducing the response time by optimizing the source code of whole application. Another challenge is to design an application which is self-explanatory. But Artoon Solutions keep in mind that if the functioning of the app is clear to the developer, it isn't necessarily clear to the users as well. Mostly the user of the application is female. So Artoon Solutions developed the application specifically for females.With so much of personal data being stored and shared across apps and devices, it has become imperative that performance and security testing of apps on a platform is given a very serious consideration, and all possible tests conducted to ensure the data privacy.

The Endeavor

The application was developed with the idea to deliver the better grooming experience for the app users. The main focus of the application is on the eyebrows because eyebrows play an important role in the beauty of any person. Now a day' people are focusing on the physical appearances and looks, so in such a case grooming is a very big emerging market. Artoon Solutions has delivered a live application which is as per the beauty trends and completely satisfies the business domain of the Client.

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Client feedback

Working with Artoon Solutions was a pleasure. They were always polite and on time with communications. They are very patient with the client, and explaining clearly what needed to be done. By the end of the contract, I received the product in the way that I wanted.
Julia Milin Founder, Brow Design International, NYC, USA
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