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Shopping Assistant Application
Expertise: Location / GPS Tracking App
Verticals: eCommerce and Retail

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The Project

Your Previly shopping assistant, you can be informed in real-time news from your favorite brands and designers to have access to a showcase of accessories sold in the nearest shops and receive privileges geo-located.

Enhance your HELD
Find in your shopping assistant Previly a selection of the best brands and designers of the women's locker room. Independent designers that offer unique or limited edition brands that focus on knowledge, creativity and the combination of materials thus revealing their world.


Project Challenge

One of the key requirements was to calculate how far a particular deal was from a user's current location. If the distance to the deal was calculated at the app level, the performance of the app would have been seriously compromised by the need to calculate this for multiple deals.

Notifications of locally available deals had to be sent to customers, wherever they were, dependent on their current location. This presented a considerable challenge to the project team who spent a lot of time coming up with a solution which worked for iPhone, as the operating system has complex functionalities and methods of operating their 'proximity' feature.

The Endeavor

The App was designed to have the user's device to send its position co-ordinates to a back-end server. This SQL server then compared the longitude and latitude of the user's position to the locations of the various available deals, and then send back 'distance to the deal' data to the user's device, to provide the necessary information to the user.

In iOS, the number of deals or offers for which proximity could be set was limited; the team found a way for the app to compare available information with the database at the Back-End and trigger proximity to calculate the distances to the nearest deals.

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Client feedback

Thanks so much for all your work. I appreciate how thorough you were, and how clearly you realized all my requirements. Thank you also for delivering the application in a very short time. The application is exactly what I had imagined for. I, at least, am looking forward to work again with you. Once again, Thanks for everything!
Pierre Grison Founder at Previly, Paris, France
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