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Community Social Networking App for Same Interests Sharing Peoples  
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The Project

The idea was to design and develop a Social Networking Mobile Application (iPhone, Android) which would help people to connect to each other who have same interests. The people with same interest would connect to each other. The service offers groups for everything from college trends or styles to other random hobbies (e.g. I also joined a board game group). Within these groups users interact just like they would expect on any other social network. Users will be able to browse the nearby users of same interest and will be able to view the others activities and communicate as well.

System provided the facility to user to create group and will be able to become a member of particular group and communicate with each other within a group. By using the app, users will be able to interact and communicate with each other based on the common interest in the app.

Meegos overall purpose is to facilitate the process through which, students connect to all aspects of their college experience. It is a space where students can network, express ideas, post events, stay informed, and most importantly, meet students with mutual interests.

Project Challenge

Memory crashes:
Memory crash is one of the most common issues found in any mobile app, which arises because of fixed amount of physical memory and limited battery life of handheld devices. It also affects overall performance of the app. The client wanted to overcome this issue in Meegos app.

Privacy and spam:
Making a highly secure app was the priority of our client. Being a social networking app, Client was well aware of the possible vulnerabilities associated with such apps. Hence they wanted the privacy and security features to be foolproof.

Admin panel:
A comprehensive admin panel was required to manage the app and configure settings, such as manage Interest, Groups, Wall Feed, Membership Plan, Ads, contact us, and content management system. The app had a user-friendly interface, so the backend functionality also had to be simple to ensure smooth admin operations.

The Endeavor

Implementation of geo location tagging:
The GPS capabilities of the device running the app are used to fetch the user's current latitude and longitude, which are then used to update user's location on the server. Similar profiles are then filtered on the basis of similar interests. The filtered and selected profiles are then sent to the user looking for friends nearby.

Automatic Reference Count (ARC) for better memory management:
In order to avoid the memory crash issues as the application was built keeping in my mind to handle huge amount of data, Automatic Reference Count (ARC) technique was used. It allows memory management a lot simpler by assigning memory management tasks to the compiler, and provides a significant performance increase as well.

Our client is happy with the execution of the idea and looks forward to expanding the project. It was really exciting working with this client and end result was successful launch of another great project.

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Client feedback

Working with Artoon Solutions was a great experience. Their communication skills, analytical abilities are very profound; they easily understood my requirements and cleverly handled all complexities that too in a given time. I would recommend Artoon Solutions to anyone who is looking to develop an application.
Nestor Jimenez Owner - Meegos, California, USA
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