Meet the Senior Management team

Alpesh Vaghasiya

Chief Executive Officer

Alpesh is co-founder and CEO at Artoon Solutions. As CEO of Artoon Solutions, Alpesh started his journey in 2009, with a passion to build games, with a vision to be a tycoon in gaming industry. With his sparked ideas and ability to lead, today, Artoon Solutions is a family of 100+ highly professional members.

Alpesh answers client calls virtually 24x7, which shows his dedication towards the work and the quality of work he wants to delivery to the customers. He hold degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and has strong knowlege of various technologies in web, mobile, Facebook, database and server handling. He is very good on integrating various technologies and tools to get the best output possible, and out-of-box solutions to complex problems. 

Naresh Khokhaneshiya

Chief Technology Officer

After receiving his degree in Computer Science, Naresh joined a startup company where he played a key role in growing the company from 3 to 50 employees in less than 3 years. He served as flash & php developer and was the primary technical mentor for fellow developers. He left it to co-found Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where he has focuses on website and interactive tool development, including PC, tablet and mobile applications.

His responsibilities include project architecture, project management and new business development. Naresh’s diligent work ethic, attention to detail, project management skills and love of code set him apart as one of the top developers serving information technology field. He leads a team of 20+ Information Technology engineers at Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd.

At Artoon Solutions, Naresh also works as technical development partner for Bariatric Surgery Source team from early 2013 where he continues to improve website functionality and usability and develop applications for both Bariatric Surgery Source and its international surgeon partners.

Sani Trivedi

Chief Operating Officer

Sani is COO at Artoon Solutions and responsible for successful execution of game development. He completed Bechelor of Engineering in Computer Science and then joined Artoon Solutions as Flash developer. He is now pioneering the games at Artoon Solutions with new ideas, creating thoughts. He handles deployment of games, monetize games through in-app-purchases and creative ad integrations. 

At Artoon Solutions, you will see Sani in action almost every where and every department. Being active with every department, Sani uses his time very wisely. His attitude towards work motivates others to find best in them selves. 


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