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Project Overview

Aussie digital is a top of the line cryptocurrency exchange, advertising, E-commerce and trading platform, providing ground-breaking solutions to all its investors.

Aussie Digital is building an E-commerce Ecosystem-based around an ERC20 Digital Coin that will include a powerful Amazon-like store builder packed with powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways along with other multiple services powered by blockchain technology.

The platform provides an opportunity to build a community that brings value by providing a new lush “Fun-shopping” environment to all members using their preferred method of payment. By participating in this Ecosystem, all members can gain rewards through the loyalty club in the form of rewards coin (AUDcoin) at no extra cost to the merchant or damage to the user’s experience. The merchant and customer get to see the automatic reward points in real time and have the ability to convert them to cash or token. Both the merchants and the customers feel real value.

Project Challenge

The purpose of the project is to build a platform that allows its member to participate and gain rewards through the loyalty club in the form of AUDcoin. An AUDcoin is a reward coin and another coin is DigiCoin which provide a safe and convenient way to pay online, we needed to create these by writing smart contacts. We also needed to develop a communication method for interaction between AUDcoin and DigiCoin. Another big challenge was to provide a secure and safe integrated payment gateway (CoinPayments).

This was the new domain so it was a real challenge for us to decide about the blockchain technology as a service which provides creative ways to write smart contracts as well as provide a productive, cost-effective enterprise solution.

FrontEnd The aim of the platform is to bring people together, provide them with a fun shopping environment. So it was a real challenge to manage web portal along with many modules/functionalities during the design and development phase of the project. Our dedicated team of UI designer needed to develop a robust interface using designing tools such as Photoshop and more.

BackEnd A lot of changes needed to be done in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and CSS in each section of the site for every language. Using our more than a decade-long expertise in CakePHP/MySQL, we needed to deliver exquisitely robust portal solutions.

Development Process We decided to go with Ethereum ERC20 protocol for writing two separate smart contacts i.e. one is to create a new digital token (cryptocurrency) AUDcoin and another was Dig coin – which could be used for the transaction fee.

We used MetaMask which is another browser-based tool for Ethereum, as a testing environment to test the Ethereum blockchain. In order to deploy contracts and run tests, we use Truffle tool.

The Endeavor

Our developmental team had put their best efforts to carve a unique design which was in line to the client expectation. We have designed and developed a robust web portal based on safe and secure blockchain technology and come closer to delivering the perfect user experience.

Our dedicated team of Solidity developers makes use of industry best practices successfully written two separate smart contacts to create a new digital token (cryptocurrency) AUDcoin and another was Dig coin – which could be used for the transaction fee.

We worked on structuring online presence with clear navigation, a corresponding highly feature-rich, interactive platform which has all the functionality related to the social networking industry along with the additional ones.

We planned to start public ICO rounds to raise funds. Also, we have designed a roadmap so that customers can have insight into how they are going to be benefited. We were able to deal with each of these challenges and offered the features as per the client requirements within the project time frame.

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Client feedback

Excellent Team! Very quick and always available, I would hire again for sure!
Peter Edyvean Brisbane, Australia
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