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Online Clinical Home Exercise Program
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Project Overview

Our client's app "Clinic Stretch" has to provide Clinical Home Exercise Program to the patients to encourage their fitness and exercise regime. It's a real-world patient engagement platform to efficiently maintain the entire patient journey from a single access point. It has a Clinic Portal where a clinic (Admin of the clinic) registers itself by opting from any of the three plans: Basic, Professional and Platinum. The Admin can have individual client customization and establish direct link between the clinic and client portal. There are exercise videos that could be shared with the clients for recovery from their injuries and other mobility related conditions.

The admin can add video that could be either Vimeo videos or YouTube videos and share them with the clients as per their program needs. Admin UI consists of Community that has extensive video library of exercises and stretches created by and tailored for the clinics. Knowledge base and product improvement features help in making the app more resourceful for the end users.

In the Client Portal, they can watch the videos provided by the clinic, track progress and earn virtual rewards. There is also a Practitioner Portal where a practitioner can practice under a particular clinic of their choice. Practitioners can be added by the Clinic Admin. They can also provide videos to the clients as per their exercise need and progress. There is an internal messaging system between the clinic and clients for seamless communication and addressing the issues and concerns in quick time.

Project Challenge

Clinic Stretch had to have complete functionalities for the end users. We faced some challenges during the project development such as streamlining the YouTube and Vimeo videos and using the iframe for flawless display. A lot of effort was put in building the custom code to provide the needed functionality to the clients.

Another challenge related to the popup screen that has to come up at the client's side after the video where the client was to be prompted to provide rating to the video. What they felt about the video? So, managing the time difference and calculation of video length was also quite challenging for our developers.

The Endeavor

The UI was provided and elegant and user friendly interface. The app was designed to provide the practitioners significant time-saving and data integrity between the solutions. The patient can watch the videos on their smart phone or laptop to do exercise as per their specific injury or need. There are clear description and teaching points for each video to educate the patient about the importance of exercise. Outcomes analysis allows the practitioners to deliver better patient care through real-time analysis of the client's progress. Artoon Solutions team was always in the top gear to implement changes in the app as per the client's directions. Focused approach allowed us to progress on the project as per the defined timelines. The end result was a fully functional application that seamlessly connects the patients with the physiotherapists of their choice for best patient outcomes.

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Excellent professional, very kindly and with great skills. I highly recommend.
Jenny Mapes Washington, USA
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