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Project Overview

The project consisted of two parts - mobile application and web portal. Mobile application was to be made accessible to the consultants and buyers while the web portal was to be made accessible to the admin and consultants. The mobile application had to allow the buyers to browse and claim the products and merchandise during the sale events and also follow the consultants and other buyers on the platform. The consultants could upload the data on the platform using their web portal.

Since it was a data-centric system, there was need to store the data somewhere. For that, a database was to be used. Both the mobile application and web portal had to communicate with the database, however in slightly different ways. The mobile application will only use the database to get data while the web portal could add and modify the data. All of the database communication had to go over the Internet with the help of web services.

The overall idea of the project was to develop an interactive shopping system for the buyers and consultants that will allow the seller to upload the products, assign attributes, schedule sales, process claims, etc. The system had to allow the buyers to follow the consultants, browse their sales in progress and claim the sales online. Buyers could chat with the respective clients to clarify their queries.

The claimed items were to be shipped and payment made offline. The consultant will then update the status of the claims.

Project Challenge

The real challenge faced by our technical team was in uploading multiple images of the products at the same time. We developed the system to allow the consultants to upload the images of multiple products at the same time using drag and drop feature.

Website Speed Optimization was another challenge that our developers had to face as the database was exhaustive and optimizing the speed was challenging. To overcome this challenge, our developers created indexes and RDBMS in database structure to optimize the website.

The Endeavor

The client required a user friendly application so that the website visitors could access its multiple functionalities with ease. Our developers worked to provide an intuitive interface and navigation to roziepro.com that provides an interactive and engaging experience to the app users. The application has been developed keeping in mind the convenience of the users and the consultants who could access all the relevant search information and communication at a single place by logging onto the website.

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