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Online Food Ordering System in Iceland
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Project Overview

Einntveir is an online platform for providing a variety of meal packages which can be purchased online by any user after they register into the application. The packages available are basically the collection of various meals which are available for purchase till a defined period of time. User can register and add any of the packages into cart, opt for pick-up or home-delivery and order it. They can also specify the number of persons ordering the package. The platform allows the users to subscribe any package for a week or longer period. In case the package is ordered for multiple weeks, the application automatically creates new order on behalf of the user and completes the delivery process. Users can also view the list of meal packages which are frequently getting ordered from the platform. For the restaurant staff, all options are displayed along with their corresponding delivery dates in a concise and easy to read manner within the application. So, the restaurant employees can easily and quickly go through the orders as soon as they are placed, and prepare the meals with minimal delay and confusion. On the other hand, users can view and check various meals available on Einntveir, and order them accordingly. They can easily place repeat orders for particular meals for specific dates.

Project Challenge

During the project development phase, we faced some peculiar challenges. One of them was where we needed to enable auto-payments on behalf of the users, if they had ordered any package for more than a week. Users had to be given multiple payment options including mobile banking, credit and debit card payments, net banking and also cash on delivery. This way, Einntveir users could get the food delivered to their home, office or other location, and make payment for the same from their smart phone without physically going to their favorite restaurant.

Another major challenge was that any user can purchase multiple packages with different delivery dates. In this case, we had to manage the allowed delivery date, so that both the packages are delivered on the same date without any delays. Moreover, the users had to be prominently displayed special discounts and coupons that they can apply, and also history of their past orders and payments. Our developers overcame all these challenges with their creative inputs and expertise.

The Endeavor

Our team continuously improved its work to make the features compatible as per the set objectives and goals of the client’s project. Our GUI team made their best efforts to carve a unique design for the portal to meet the client’s expectations. We followed high coding standards while developing the website. We had a thorough study of many other similar applications to bring out the best of functionalities for our client. Some suggestions were given to the client during the project development phase for best outcomes from the application, which were incorporated into Einntveir after approval by the client.

The project was delivered as per the defined timelines by the client, ensuring that there were minimum administrative costs for the client, and minimum hassles for Einntveir users. The application interface was provided an environment that increases customer satisfaction level, and improves efficiency of the food ordering system. The end result was better sales and happy customers for our client

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