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Healthcare equipment sales reporting interface
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Project Overview

Our client, Rivas Opstaele wanted us to develop a reporting interface for their healthcare equipment�s sale on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Utilizing Power BI, we created the reports for the clients wherein they can view and compare the sales of their healthcare equipment for a particular period of time.

The reporting feature provides sales forecast in a better way and allows the client to achieve increased profitability on each sale. The report provides an overview to the client of their sale of healthcare equipment from multiple aspects like the product, customer, geography etc. The reports allow the business managers get a pulse on how healthcare equipment business is doing and provides them ability to dive deeper into the data to efficiently identify the marketing strategies for increased sales.

The reports quickly address the some of the key business issues like:

  • Are the current sales trends meeting the organizational goals?
  • Which products and regions are performing the best, and which are worst.
  • The profit and loss data compared to last month, quarter or year.
  • Return on investment over a specified period.
  • Which sales channels are outperforming the others and who are the top customers of the business.

With healthcare equipment sales reporting, the company gains the agility to respond quickly to the changing market demands and predict opportunities for the sales force. The business also gains a better understanding of their overall sales data throughout the organization, and across its multiple branch locations. A big pain point for the sales managers is trying to find information on a prospect�s sales history at a crucial juncture in the sales process, which often leads to dissatisfied customers and wasted opportunities. This was one of the challenges that we faced.

Project Challenge

The client needed a solution for sales reporting and analytics to make smarter and faster decisions for the business to obtain incremented ROI. They wanted us to present the sales data in easy to understand visual formats with ability to customize the reporting data to extract business insight. We were tasked to design a dashboard with filter functionalities so that the client could apply an appropriate filter, like the actual sales realized against the sales target, or comparing the sales data for the current quarter with the previous one, and also on monthly and yearly basis.

We had to ensure that there was no missing information, be it about the status of an opportunity at the front end, or outdated customer contact information. If the sales pipeline is missing this information then the forecasts wouldn�t be accurate and the company will possibly lose the opportunities that could help improve its bottom line. The information needed to be contextual and linked to the marketing data, without which the company wouldn�t know wherefrom the deals came, and run a cost-benefit analysis. We had to ensure that the sales representative get the right information at the right time. This on-demand data analysis and recall is an incredibly valuable tool. We were given the challenge of creating Card Report that tells about total sales, Metrics Report of yearly item wise sale, and Gauge Report that tells about the status of target achieved.

The Endeavor

Artoon developed a solution that centralized all the company�s sales data, including product category, market and customer information. Within the interface, the salespersons could get all of their key customer information, including the physicians who were currently prescribing to their products.

By implementing our Power BI solution, the company cut cost and increased the accuracy of their sales reporting and analysis. Their sales reporting cost has lowered significantly. Rivas Opstaele is now able to respond more quickly to customer demands and determine those crucial shifts in the markets. The sales reporting allows Rivas Opstaele to respond quickly to internal data requests as they have gained the ability to put the information themselves.

We implemented DAX query and formulae to create desired reports for the client. The client now could see the health equipment sales report in various visual forms, like Pie Chart, Metrics, Line Graph, Bar Chart and Gauge Report. With the visually appealing and easy to understand sales report, the company can now process sales report faster and reduce turnaround time by up to 50%. The reporting needs of the company have been streamlined, by consolidating multiple reports into a centralized dashboard solution.

Sales managers often have insufficient reporting. They may have dozens of reports coming from different channels with no idea of how they connect together. We came up with a solution for this with graphical data visualization using Power BI that makes the actionable intelligence easier to understand. This way, Rivas Opstaele gets more value out of sales data as it understands what needs to be done in the moment.

Artoon�s expertise in developing custom business reporting and client servicing scored us the brownie points to be the right partner for Rivas Opstaele to create the healthcare equipment sales reporting the way client needed it.

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