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Virtual Power Plant Platform For Managing Energy Assets
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Project Overview

Our client runs a Virtual Power Plant Karit in Australia that integrates multiple power sources to provide a reliable overall supply to the users all over the country. Karit VPP is cloud-based command and control platform that connects with specifically designed energy management devices. These IoT devices collect energy and asset data and enable commands to be sent between distributed energy assets and control center platform. The control central platform is integrated with real-time weather and energy market data, providing a framework of intelligent management of energy flows from Karit VPP performance.

Karit VPP can be operated by the consumers as the modestly sized power station. Karit brings forward a fresh approach to how energy is generated, consumed or traded with its sustainable energy solutions that are cost effective too. Karit allows consumers to bring together distributed energy assets with its efficient management. The virtual power plant enables energy communities, retailers and large multi-site energy consumers to efficiently utilize their energy distribution assets.

The client approached Artoon Solutions with their need to have a centralized data access for all energy information in an easy to understand format in real-time with graphical visualization to draw inference, extract business intelligence and user information for best business outcomes.

Project Challenge

Our application had to coordinate a whole lot of small, controllable and distributed energy resources and aggregate the data for centralized and single view access by the client in real time. For this, we had to develop a dynamic CRM as user facing interface wherein the energy users can view the details of their energy generation, consumption and sale by simply logging into the application. The application was developed using .Net technology at the backend so that required information and parameters could be accessed from Azure cloud in real-time for the energy users to view and get insight. The challenging part was that the application had to account for real-time network losses, technical constraints like voltage and current limits, and also for individual household's specific needs.

Another challenge was that the application had to sync well with Azure cloud to collect all required information in real - time, like the cost of energy generation, energy consumed and the revenue generated from sales. The IoT device of Karit VPP had to keep track of all these parameters for best business outcomes for the client. To achieve this, our developers utilized their expertise in dynamic CRM and .Net development to provide the clients with needed functionalities in the application.

The Endeavor

Our application for Karit virtual power plant cloud based central control center leveraged the advantage of IoT devices to aggregate the capabilities of distributed energy sources for energy trading and providing ancillary services for the system operators and users. Use of dynamic CRM allowed for multiple users to login into the application to see the details for their energy use, purchase, sale and trading. The benefit for client was that they need not purchase multiple licenses, and dynamic CRM capabilities of the application provided certain level of dynamism and flexibility to the application.

The end result was that our solution turned out to be cost-effective for the client. The client was able to access information from the application in real-time. The application also provides metrics on various energy parameters that could be used by the client for business intelligence and taking corrective measures in good time if there is some issue or low productivity. The application empowered the client with the needed energy information and data, thus allowing them to get best output and improved ROI from their virtual power plant.

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