How Much Does It Cost To Maintenance Of Mobile App in India?

The Importance Of Maintaining Mobile Apps

Eliminate Massive uninstalls

Offer an Enhanced UX

Lead the Market competition

Prevention Against Cyber Attracts

Optimum ROI

Why Invest in Mobile App Maintenance?

Bug Fixing

Harnessing   Latest Trends

Brand Image Effect

Financial Gain

What Are The Types Of Mobile App Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Perfective Maintenance

Adaptive   Maintenance

How To Maintain Mobile Apps?

Build Robust Apps From Scratch

Accommodate New Users with Scalability

Assist Your Maintenance Team

Leverage Analytical Tools

Resolve Bugs on Time

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Factors Determining App Maintenance Cost

Updates & Bug Troubleshooting

Customer  Support

Maintaining Hosting

External   Services

Analytical Processing

App        Marketing

Developers Locations

How To Lower The Cost Of Mobile App Maintenance?

Get the Best App Platform

Work on MVP

Go for App Maintenance Consultation

How Much Does Maintenance Cost For An App?

Now comes the most awaited part of this post The app maintenance cost estimation. – Generally, the rate of maintenance goes 15 to 20% of the app development cost.

Above mentioned costs are estimates not to be considered final costs. You can contact us for the final cost based on your requirements.