How Much Does It Cost To Design a Website in India?

Types of Web Design You Can Invest

Single Page

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Responsive Web Design

Liquid Design Website

Fixed Website

What Does a Good Design Actually Look Like?

Effective Use of the Negative Space

Present the Choices Clearly & Concisely

Compelling Call to Action

Limited Distractions For User

Make DesignResponsive

Relevant & Quality Content/Images

Keep a Balance Between Text & Images

Benefits of Investing For a Good Design in Your Website

Create a Good First Impression

Have an Edge Over the Competition

Rank Higher Among Others

Minimize the Possibility of Bounce Rates

Establish an Amazing Brand Identity

Ensure Good Search Engine Optimization

Above All Have a  Polished Appearance

Why Do You Need To Have a Good Design For Your Website?

Consumers who visit your website want something in return, for your services or products they are spending their time and money on. With a good web design, you can make the time spent on your website worthwhile.

Three Ways to Get Your Website Design Done

Design the Website On Your Own Though a Template Site

Approximate Cost - $0 -$300

Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Approximate Cost - $500 -$6000+

Outsource to a Web Design Agency

Approximate Cost of more than $4000

Element that Web Design Price is Composed of

Freshly Designed Website or Redesign

CMS and Blogging

Requirement for Images and Graphics

Newsletters, Analytics, and Reports

Forum Design

User Interaction Sections


Considering the Average Cost to Design a Website

Simple Website 120-160 Hours of Design Work Costs Between $4000 to $7000

Medium Complexity Website 160-240 Hours of Design Work Costs Between $7000 to $11,000

High Complexity Website More than 250 Hours of Design Work Costs Over $11,000

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