Website Development Frameworks

Ecstatic to learn about the best front-end frameworks for website development in 2022

1. Angular

Despite the drawback of being complex with a steep learning curve, angular still claim a pole position among front-end frameworks.

2. React. js

Among the most efficient and popular front-end technologies is react.js. Developed by Facebook and now an open-source framework, react.js offers exceptional functionality without posting a steep learning curve!

3. Vue. js

Despite being launched just six years ago, Vue.js has picked up a desirable consumer base and is one of the most popular front-end technologies.

4. jQuery

A major part of the success of jQuery can be attributed to the fact that it requires fewer strings of code to be written, which facilitates faster website development.

5. Semantics-UI

Individuals looking for a recently launched front-end development technology can consider Semantics UI. 

6. Foundation

A front-end technology capable of delivering the requirements of a high-caliber establishment is the Foundation technology.

7. Svelte

Svelte is, if not the latest technology, to become part of the front-end development technology options.

8. Backbone.js

This lightweight JavaScript front-end technology is based on the Model View Presenter architecture. 

9. Ember. js

Individuals looking for up-to-date and modern technology to use can fix their sights on Ember.js, another JavaScript front-end language.

10. Chart. js

Chart.js is the second most popular data representation technology after D3.js. However, it is notably less complex, albeit less customizable as well.