7 Tips to Enhance Your Website Design To Get More Sales

Setting up a website for your business aims to motivate users to take the next step. Using my marketing experience, 7 tips you can incorporate into your website design to boost sales.

Add Videos to Your Key Conversion Pages

A Video on the landing page of your website can increase conversion by up to 80% and brings customer engagement with the site

Creating Content that Engages the audience

Content plays an important role in attracting an audience, So keep the content relevant, Original, and valuable. In a proper format, along with appropriate headlines.

Repurpose Old Successful Content

Repurposing content means turning it into a new format. You can create videos, infographics, webcasts, and podcasts, or update old posts with catchy captions

Make your content more mobile friendly

Creating a mobile-friendly website requires considering the sizes of mobile device's screens and how they navigate

Utilize Social Media Platforms

With over 45% of the world's population on social media, the numbers are growing if your product or service has a virtually driven appeal

Address Objections

Another way to optimize your website is to generate sales ins to address any objections or questions not answered in your content, Refrain from resting on the assumption that your website visitors know the answers.

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