How Much Does On-Demand App Development Cost in India?


$1616.74 billion Food Delivery Market by 2023

$335 billion Mobile apps and websites are predicted to Reach by 2025

$57.6B Users are observed to spend annually

63% Of Employees of On-demand platforms like to work with an On-Demand economy

What are On-Demand App?

On-Demand apps are service platforms that work as a bridge between potential customers and independent service or product providers. This bridge acts as a service platform where several businesses and its customer meet.

Types of On-Demand Service Apps

Healthcare On-Demand Services

On-Demand Food Delivery Services

Transportation services On-Demand

On-Demand Retail and Grocery Delivery

On-Demand Gifts and Flower

Home Requirement On-Demand Services

Beauty Care On-Demand Services

Benefits of an On-Demand Services Application

Quick and Convenient

Suitable for Nearby Every Business

High Scalability

Scope for improving Customer service

Chance to Develop an Online Presence

How To Develop On-Demand App?

Research and Analyses

Planning the Procedure

Select Right Features

Choose the Platform

Search for the Right Professionals

Cost of Developing an On-Demand App


Approx Cost




$10,000 to $ 35,000

$35,000 to $ 75,000

$75,000 to $ 2,00,000

Above mentioned costs are estimates not to be considered final costs. You can contact us for the final cost based on your requirements.