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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile Application in India?

Mobile Application Development Cost in India 2022

India has been selected as a desirable place to hire mobile app development services. Not just because of the emerging talent in large numbers but also the considerably lower costs to do
so! These two facts are very appealing to companies looking for excellent yet affordable services.


How much does it cost to build a mobile application in India?

Of course, several factors affect mobile app development costs in India, but what are the general cost brackets? A mobile app development agency will charge anywhere between $30,000 to $200,000 to develop a mobile application from scratch, mainly depending on the requirements and resources it will involve.

Typical mobile application development services offer a seven-step development process. Each step requires different experts to work on it and has a varying duration. This also affects the final cost as no two steps have the same cost.

Also, one must consider that mobile app developers in India can incur an hourly cost of between $10 and $100.

Depending on elaboration in each step, it could cost between $2,000 to $10,000.

App Complexity

Basic mobile apps have only a few features and ones that enable the execution of straightforward tasks. But complex applications usually require more work to accommodate the more complicated capabilities of these apps.

Most mobile app development services can cater to simple mobile app requirements. However, for complex app requirements, you may need one of the best mobile app development companies to help you

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The addition of Payment Gateways

ECommerce applications that are to be equipped with technology enabling purchases are slightly more demanding than a normal app. Ecommerce companies will require the Mobile app development company to insert this essential capability.

Payment gateways are just one of the requirements of a ECommerce application. The right technology must be used to ensure that the money is safely transacted from and to the right place.

Other requirements are high-quality images and catalog information.

Social Media Integration

This is a popular feature but one that users can live without! Adding social media integration can and will increase mobile app development costs.

Offline & Online Access

Making an online-only application may not be the best decision. Yes, internet-connected areas are gearing up for 5G, but many areas still lack internet connectivity! Providing both can appeal to both populations with a stable internet connection and populations without internet connectivity.

“Offline connectivity can help win over users in areas that do not have access to an internet connection”


Type of App

Mobile applications are primarily of three types; hybrid, native, and web. Each one of these applications has different characteristics, and some cater to users better than others.

1. Hybrid Apps

If you don’t want to spend too much money on developing your very first app, you can develop a hybrid app. A hybrid application applies to all mobile device platforms as well as web browsers. However, the much lower mobile application development costs come with a drawback.

User experiences offered by hybrid apps are not as rich as those offered by native applications.

2. Native

A native application caters specifically to just one mobile platform, either Android or iOS. This is for app owners who have thoroughly researched and decided their target audience is primarily of one OS platform.

For example, an app meant for the USA market should be an iOS app since most users in that area are iOS users. Thus, making an Android app for such a market would not make sense.

3. Web Apps

Web applications are not as fast and intuitive as hybrid and native apps and mainly cater to desktop users. But companies with strict budgets and time constraints can easily benefit from web app development

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Application Design

Since design alone can be enough to tempt users to your application and retain them, mobile application development highly influences mobile app development costs.

Design involves UI and UX, which is app design and navigation. An experienced mobile app development company will have a skilled team of designers working on the application to have the app look appealing while not losing navigability!

Expert Requirements

Every mobile application development project requires a team of various experts. All of whom play a part in developing visually appealing and highly functional mobile applications. The project’s complexity, size, and duration will dictate expert requirements

Larger projects or shorter time allowances will mean higher team requirements. Since developers and other team members come at an hourly rate, the costs will increase!

Technologies Used + Extra Resources

Some technologies may actually make your project cost more! Specific technologies that may be new will employ new experts or more experienced experts. But, costs are bound to increase if limited resources and fewer developers are covering this particular mobile application.

Also, if the application requires more resources like cloud servers or increased hosting services, the costs will increase!

Timeline or Delivery Deadline

Need your mobile application delivered within a shorter than usual timeframe?

Why is this so? Because to fit within the deadline, the company will have to dedicate more resources to that particular project. Of course, the company will have to divert all resources towards that particular mobile application. But, even if it means hiring more experts to work on the project.

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Suppose you are seriously considering your mobile application development options. Outsourcing to India is an option that is on the table since it is cheaper, faster, and yields better results given the large skilled populations of development teams.

Ready to hire a mobile application development company in India? If so, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a mobile application development company with 14+ years of experience.


How long does it take for mobile app development?

The duration necessary to develop a mobile application will depend on if it is simple or complex. It takes between 3 and 6 while a very complex mobile application can take up to a year! But, depending on the team size, it may be sooner.

What can I expect mobile application development in India to cost?

You can expect mobile app development in India to cost anywhere between $20,000 to $100,000 or more depending on the features and their complexity. However, the cost is app-specific, and communicating your full requirements may carry a higher or lower cost than stated above.


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