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Questions That Help Choose a Mobile App Development Company


Choosing the wrong mobile app development company will lead to failure even if you have a brilliant app idea. There is no such thing as a fail-proof mobile app idea, as the mobile app development services will decide the app’s effectiveness.

To make the best version of your app, you must choose the best platform for your app and the appropriate service. For example, an Android app development caters to Android device users while an iOS app development caters to iOS device users.


Reputation and Developer Experience

Very few people would be caught investing in a mobile app development company with little chance of meeting the agreed requirements. This is where reputation and experience come into use.

Reputation acts like a complete idea of the actual company. If the reputation is good, one would assume the services provided are also good.

A company’s experience usually relates to the developers’ experience within the company; this is important because they will be developing your application.

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Portfolios – Indication of Quality

Although you cannot decide upon a mobile app development agency by looking at the portfolio alone, it can bring you closer to deciding on one. It may also eliminate the companies whose portfolios may not impress you.

The portfolio can visually represent the company’s design set. This collection of previous work allows a degree of what to an expert to be conveniently gathered. Especially for mobile application development, looking at the portfolio can be enlightening.

Do They Have Client Feedback?

We agree that not every client’s feedback is trustworthy, as an overwhelming number of clients use client feedback as a way to vent their frustrations.

But on the whole, you can expect to find mixed reactions when reading a company’s public feedback. There will always be some positive ones, neutral ones, and negative ones!

You can also choose to speak directly to past clients when it comes to client feedback. They would be able to provide you with an in-depth understanding of how dealing with the company was. They can also elaborate on the best and worst parts of the development process.

Assess Performance and Design From Existing Apps

Expecting to know how a company’s mobile app will look and function?

What better way than to have hands-on experience with a mobile app developed by the company? This helps identify the application’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn identifies the positives and negatives the company has to work to improve.

Does the Development Process Allow Direct, Regular Communication?

The development process is essential as a wrong move or failure to communicate changes to clients can result in many changes later on. Therefore an agile approach that involves keeping clients informed throughout the development process is essential!

Several of the best mobile app development companies have found a way to show progress to clients after every significant milestone. This way, they can get approval and make the necessary changes simultaneously.

Altogether this saves time and resources and eliminates confusion by not having to revisit the problem later.

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What Degree of Testing is Provided?

Suppose you wish to create an Android app. Your app must cater to the most significant number of users. This means ensuring that it runs smoothly on the largest selection of devices. There are so many Android devices, but they have a great variety in the version they use. Specified Android app development can assist in achieving this goal.

With testing, you can determine which devices they will work on and which they will probably encounter a problem. Using the results of the testing, you can go back and make the implementations on the code.

Alternatively, you can adjust your app’s properties to specify which devices the mobile application will or won’t support.

Technologies in Use

The technologies used do go hand in hand with the development process and are vital to the final application.

Also, regarding platform-specific mobile applications, using the right technologies is essential to ensure those applications perform as expected on the device.


Do They Fit Your Budget?

If not, you may be better off approaching another company that suits your budget rather than downgrading features to fit the company’s cost. Something to take note of is that mobile application development can take months!

Make sure you have put aside the total amount and extra to account for unexpected expenses along the way. Also, if your project is delayed for some reason or there is a shortage of resources, budget adjustments will need to be made.

In no scenario should you consider compromising on your application’s quality. The moment you do this, you already decrease the user experience!

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Is Security Assured?

Mobile apps are extensively used by people and have sensitive data. These two features, unfortunately, make mobile apps a target for hackers.

The threat of hacking will always persist. But luckily, with the help of an experienced mobile app development company, you can develop a secure application that offers some protection against malware and hacking.

Adherence to Delivery Deadline and Store Publishing

Most clients are very clear about their requirements and which particular point is most important to them. So if the deadline is most important to you, specifying it at the beginning is essential!

If you have a strict deadline that has to be met, convey it. Then enquire if the company is 100% capable of delivering the project within the specified time. Also, carefully consider and discuss at length what happens if the company cannot deliver within that deadline.

There is always a risk of deadlines not being met if you do not hire any of the best mobile app development companies.

Plus once the application is developed it will have to be published in the respective store. This won’t cost much or require much besides a developer account. However, the application you intend on publishing must comply with the rules and regulations of the iOS/Android app store.

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As an investor launching an app on the market, you would hate to have a failure on your hands. You can avoid this reality by carefully and patiently taking the time to carry out the research to identify the best mobile app development company for you.

One mobile app development company that will suit your every requirement is Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Being an IT development company with 14+ years of experience, the company has developed various types of mobile applications across a multitude of industries.


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