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Is it a high time to Hire Dedicated Developer?

If you hire dedicated developers for your esteemed projects, it’s obvious that it’s going to beneficial to you because you won’t lose the project plus the client!

We genuinely understand that you’ve a tight deadline and doing all with limited resources is quite tough! Do not worry, we’re here to offer our highly expert developers, designers or a Team of Developers or Designers as full time or part-time role.

Hire Dedicated Team

Hire a dedicated team that works as per your convenience

Our handpicked, reliable and experienced team of developers and designers can assure you a pixel perfect work and timely delivery of the project by using the project management tools and tracker, thereby assuring you a freedom of keeping a track of the project deadline. We’re also open to sign NDA to maintain the confidentiality for you!

  • Full Time Hiring

    Full-Time hiring


    40 hours/ week


    Email, Project Management tool

    Hiring Period

    1 week minium
  • Part Time Hiring

    Part-Time hiring


    20-30 hours/ week


    Email, Project Management tool

    Hiring Period

    1 week minium
  • hourly Hiring

    Hourly hiring


    Email, Project Management tool

    Hiring Period


Hire dedicated developers and designers

Who’ve humongous expertise in
Our Developers

Feel the difference with our developers

Hire dedicated developers and designers who are Smart, Dedicated, Transparent, Honest, Hardworking and have global clientele experience.

Qualified developers & designers

Our developers and designers are not just amateurs, but are highly expert with a good experience who are capable of handling any project accurately.

Project Management tool

We use project management tool which helps the clients to be on the same page with us all the time. It’s a great way to communicate precisely on the respective modules.


Communication is never a problem, we can work as per your time convenience and are expert in English. We are comfortable with phone / messenger/ emails, your comfort is our priority!

Documentation / SoW

Our qualified Project Management team can help you with the preparation of the SoW / Documentation and thereby writing your dreams into black and white.

Hire a dedicated team

We offer dedicated teams of designers, developers and Project Managers who are highly organizational and dedicated. Our team can report you on a daily basis and can keep you posted with each and every activity is carried out by them on a daily basis. Project management tools are used accurately so that the client can be updated of every module whose work is in progress.

We welcome all professionals


Startups / Small/ Medium Businesses

Hey, this might be one of your few initial project! We can understand that you don’t want to lose any business as the reputation of your firm is at stake. Don’t worry, we’re here!


We can understand that your requirements will be unique and shall require a unique sets of skills. We can be a great help for any of your humongous projects and can assure a systematic work in timely manner.

Now this is interesting

Hourly – Monthly – Fixed costing


  • Working hours flexible
  • Billing- weekly
  • Reporting- Daily EOD
  • Duration – whenever needed


  • Working hours flexible
  • Billing- weekly
  • Reporting- Daily EOD
  • Duration- 160hours

Fixed costing

  • Working hours flexible
  • Billing- Milestone wise
  • Reporting Daily EOD
  • Duration – Depends on the Milestones

Service Level Agreement

  • Cancellation of agreement is possible with a prior notice of 7 days.
  • We shall make sure that there will always be a backup developer/ designer ready to takeover the responsibly, just in case.
  • Data & IP protection guarantee.
  • Guaranteed dedicated work from the hired resources.
  • 100% visibility of the work in progress through project management tools.
  • Updates to clients- Daily basis by EOD, Direct communication through Mobile/ any messenger.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What if the SoW or documentation of work isn’t clear or incomplete?

    • Whether your project is at an infant stage or if you’ve manually drawn out some rough sketches, our project management team shall take the responsibility and execute a plan so that your dreams can turn into reality.
  • How is Artoon Solutions better than other agencies who offer similar services i.e. hire dedicated developers / designers?

    • We’ve 14+ years of experience in providing IT services to our esteemed clients globally.
    • 100% visibility of the work in progress through project management tools.
    • Updates to clients- Daily basis by EOD, Direct communication through Mobile/ any messenger.
  • What are your development processes for any project?

    • Understanding client’s requirements perfectly. Helping the client to prepare the SoW or Documentation so that before we leap ahead towards the project, we both are on the same page.
    • Differentiating the tasks in the project management tool.
    • During the development phase, we keep the client updated on daily basis and send reports on daily basis.
    • Communication is done with the client through phone calls/ chatting/ emails.
    • Providing a URL of our server to the client, so that client can check the work in progress.
    • Before the delivery of the project we do a beta release of the application and after a thorough Q&A we deploy the project i.e. deliver the project to the client.
  • How do we make sure that your team is working remotely picture perfectly for us?

    • Stand up meetings, communication through mobile/emails/chatting on daily basis, We use project management tools, we send daily reports by EOD on daily basis.
  • How do we track hourly projects legitimacy?

    • We shall use tools which can capture screenshots at regular intervals.
  • Do you work only on hourly basis or fixed costing as well?

    • It depends, if the SoW is clear than Fixed costing, if SoW isn’t clear and client isn’t sure of various future changes, then we prefer hourly basis. Sometimes SoW is clear but the client brings sudden changes and upgradation in the project’s scope, then accordingly we make changes in the quotation and inform to client transparently. Nevertheless client is aware as the daily work is updated through project management tool and our daily reports being sent to keep the client updated.