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Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading rummy game development company. Our rummy game developers specifically keep clients in the loop throughout the development process to ensure that the clients are highly satisfied with the results. We are highly capable of exclusively developing a rummy game that can be integrated onto any multi-gaming platforms or a Standalone Rummy game for Android, iOS, and Web versions. We’ve proven experience of working with bigger brands in providing a complete expert Rummy package – Points, Pool, Deal, Raise modes along with customized Tournaments based on our client’s requirements.

MPL ’s Rummy is Developed by Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd

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To make a Rummy game more exciting, including other variants your users may be interested in playing for certain reasons. Point Rummy is best for people who want a fast game, while Raise Rummy offers a user an opportunity to win big! Hire the best rummy game developers from our squad of tech brains and witness the best development solutions.

Point Rummy


13 cards rummy played between 2 to 6 players with one or two decks.

Pool Rummy


Also known as 101 or 201 Rummy. 13 card rummy game played between 2 and 6 players with one or two decks.

Deal Rummy


13 card game rummy is played between 2 and 6 players with two decks of cards.

Raise Rummy


13 card rummy played between 2 to 6 players with two decks of cards.

Top Rummy Game Developers in India

  • Having 14+ years of proven experience in mobile game development, Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd is skilled in developing high-quality Rummy software suitable for Rummy players worldwide. Our impeccable services have made us the best rummy game development company in India.
  • Our services include ready-to-use Rummy games (Whitelabel Solutions), custom-made solutions that do not require modification (Turnkey Solutions), and Bitcoin Solutions for simple and secure Bitcoin integration. We’ve skilled rummy game developers who create state-of-the-art features to deliver rich gaming experiences.
  • We don’t just stop here! We complete the full app development cycle by offering post-game development services such as support and maintenance.
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Rummy Game Development Features


Include a tutorial and beginner practice mode to help budding rummy players improve their skills without losing credits.


Play With Friends

Playing games is most fun with friends. The ‘play with friends’ enables users to play together regardless of location.



Point Rummy is popular as it is the fastest game of Rummy, concluding in just one round! Players commit an amount to enter the game. However, the points scored in-game have fixed currency values.


Pool Rummy

The variant of Pool Rummy requires players to pay a fixed entry fee contributing to the final prize pool. The objective is to score the lowest amount of points.


Deal Rummy

This Rummy uses chips instead of currency. Players are given chips at the start of the game, with a certain number of deals. The winner is the player with the most chips when the game concludes.


Raise Rummy

Raise Rummy is similar to Points Rummy, except that the value of points increases regularly. The player who scores the most points will earn the most since points are monetized.


Additional Features We Offer



The tournament mode will involve constant playing versus players worldwide to rank higher on the global leaderboard.



One latest feature applicable to Rummy games is the multi-table feature that enables users to play 3 games at a time. While the player waits for their next turn, they can switch between games.



Offer your rummy game in several languages to ensure users can comfortably play the game. The more languages offered can improve game usability and reception.



Providing multiple currency options opens up a stream of opportunities to users who would otherwise feel restricted by the option of one currency.



Have a particular feature in mind? Artoon Solutions will incorporate it into your rummy game according to your exact requisites.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Rummy Game?

A variety of factors will decide the cost of rummy game development. Much of this figure is decided on whether a complete Rummy package is required or as an MVP with a couple of modes only. For example only Points and Pool modes or all. In addition to this, the project’s complexity and duration shall also influence the cost.

Technologies We Utilize in Rummy Game Development

We take up each project to develop it to the best of our ability. This is why we only use the technologies that will best fulfill the desired objectives. Take a look at some of the technologies that play a major role as Rummy Game Developers.

Our Clients

Why Artoon Solutions is Best Rummy Game Development Company in India?

We are one of the leading rummy game development companies in India. Our in-house team of experts provides online mobile game apps with ace quality and the latest technology. We are known for providing spotless rummy game app development services focused on making the best gaming app in India that always surpass the client’s expectations. Hire the best rummy software developers from our pool of tech brains and witness the best development solutions.
Rummy game development servicesQuick solution with 24×7 technical support
Rummy game development servicesGaming solutions that work on all platforms such as iOS and Android
rummy game app developmentFaultless communication with our users
rummy game app developmentCost-effective and time-saving gaming solutions
rummy card game developmentPowerful and secure coding
rummy game app developmentWe are known as expert rummy software providers
rummy card game developmentSuperlative game studio with Flexible and Customized Solutions
rummy card game developmentOn-time delivery and free after-sales support
Rummy game developer

Why Choose Artoon Solutions for a Rummy App Development Project?

Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd has experience in mobile game development for more than a decade and offers quality solutions that are affordable yet uncompromising on quality. We are known as a leading Rummy game development company in India and USA for offering flexible game solutions to clients, exceeding expectations every time. If you are looking for a job well done, hire us!

  • A workforce of 250+ in-house IT experts
  • 800+ projects completed to client requirements
  • Worked with clients such as MPL, Winzo, Flipkart, Junglee Games, etc.
  • One-on-one communication
  • Reliable Technical support
  • Quality game solutions tested for quality and bugs
  • Development using powerful technology
  • Game solutions for Android, iOS, or cross-platform, Web.
  • 14+ Years of Proven and Successful Experience

Skill-Based Games Like Rummy

Skill-based games are those games in which players require strategy, tactic, knowledge, and experience to win. Rummy is a skill-based card game in which players require all of the above to recover a desirable outcome, and players’ skills are in direct control of what the possible outcome of the game can be.



Is it possible to include the tournament features in my Rummy game?

Yes, we shall understand the tournament features based on the scope of the working document. If you require ideas on how tournaments can be, we shall be glad to assist you.

How much will a Rummy game development costs?

A tentative cost to develop a Rummy game cannot be given as each project’s requirements may differ. Some clients require a complete Rummy package for Android, iOS, and Web- for all 4 modes. Some clients may only require the Android version with Points and Pool modes. You can communicate your project idea to us if you want a quotation.

How long does a Rummy software development project take?

Duration for Rummy app development would depend on the package selected by the client. We offer four variants of Rummy: Points, Pool, Raise and Deal. Developing a full package Rummy game would take 1 month for a Whitelabel solution. Whereas developing a rummy game from scratch would take close to 4 months.

Is Rummy legal in India?

Rummy is a skill-based game requiring a level of strategy, tactic, knowledge, and experience, so it is legal. Other luck-based games are illegal in India.

Is the Rummy game hackproof? Can we avoid hackers?

All connections between the application and its components are encrypted by SSL and Nodes.JS crypto modules. Henceforth intercepting the data is difficult.

Can your rummy game handle many concurrent/ live users?

Yes. To handle a large number of concurrent users, we need to maintain a well-tested modular code structure with auto-scaling architecture backed with high-availability code components on a resilient cloud infrastructure.

Can the Rummy game get integrated into any multi-gaming platform?

Yes, it depends upon the Tech-stack.

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