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Seeing as the Call Break card game is a unique skill-based game that goes by different names globally, we are the best call break game development company to develop a game of Call Break regardless of which location you wish to target. Call Break is a popular card game to add to a multigaming platform. But, if you want a standalone Call Break game, we can make Android/iOS/Web applications as per your exact requirement. As an expert Call Break development company, we make sure to incorporate a design and functionality that adjusts to all call break players regardless of what they call the game in their native tongue.

MPL ’s Call Break Is Developed by Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd

How Will Your
Call Break Game Look?


What We Will Deliver To You


Opt for Unique Designs

Customize your tables, background, and playing card designs to offer a personalized user experience


Private Table Mode

Keep the game between certain people! A private room lets you play exclusively with friends or family


Play vs. Computer

Don’t have anyone to play against? Play a game against the game’s bot


Multiplayer Mode

Play with other global Call Break players selected automatically through an algorithm to fill the table.


Classic Mode

Offer players a game that suits their game expertise. Select from three game difficulties: Easy / Medium / Hard

Top Call Break Game Developers

  • With our 14+ years of experience in game development, we develop beyond expectations, and every client requirement is kept in mind throughout development. There is no compromising and we deliver applications suitable for a global audience.
  • We can develop a ready-to-use software development solution (Whitelabel Solution) or one with customization not requiring any modifications (Turnkey Solution). We are also able to integrate the use of real-money in your application or platform. If provided with the API, we can integrate Bitcoin payment into the application.
  • If required, we can provide maintenance and support services for your app at a nominal cost.

Call Break Development Features


Customize Game Room

Make the game your own by choosing a design that best suits your users. Allow customization of tables, cards, avatars, and backgrounds


Accelerated Gameplay

Offer a faster game of Call Break for people with limited time to play the game


Play Against the Games AI

No need to wait for players to be selected for the game, play directly with the computer


Login Bonuses

Keep users playing the game religiously by introducing a consecutive login prize

What More Do We Provide?


Settings Menu

Enable users to turn on or off certain features of the game like music and help suggestions


Admin Dashboard

The dashboard allows admins to control the game and collect data that helps to improve the game and user experience


Multiplayer Mode

Play a Callbreak card game with players selected from around the world


Private Table Mode

Select the private table mode to make a room and keep the game between friends or family


Multiple Language Support

Offer global users the ability to play the game in their own language and enjoy the game more

What’s the Cost of Call Break Development?

An exact figure cannot be arrived at before knowing the full requirements of the game. Complexity, extra features, customization, team size, and individual rates of experts will all determine the cost to develop a Call break card game.

Ready to Start Your Call Break Project?

Technologies We Use in Call Break Development

We understand the importance of using the right technologies to ensure secure and functional game applications. Thus, we make sure we use the best technologies that offer standout performance in addition to security.




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









Call Break Game Development Cycle


Our Clients

Why Choose Artoon Solutions for Call Break Game Development?

With ample experience in a large variety of game development services, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is well-equipped with expertise and equipment to develop the best version of your Callbreak application. But it’s not just our Call Break game development capabilities that helped us achieve our high position in the market. Our client-centric practices have helped us accumulate a large client base around the world in countries like the USA and UK and locally in India.

  • 14+ years of developing games in multiple genres
  • 250+ expert game development experts
  • 800 projects completed and counting
  • Experience developing applications for game publishers such as Winzo, MPL, Flipkart, Junglee Games, Winzo, A23, Bat Ball 11, Dangal Games, YooZoo Games, Zupee, and Good Gamer.
  • Delivery of Tested and Quality Assured code
  • Consistent and direct communication with clients
  • Game development for various platforms (Android/iOS/Web-Apps)
  • Use of stable technologies for platform-specific games

Call Break Game Development FAQs

Is it possible to add a leaderboard feature in my Call Break game? plus_icon
Yes, it is possible to add a leaderboard feature in a Call Break card game
How will first-time users know how to play the game?plus_icon
As most games come with a guide, we also provide this in the form of a tutorial and a section with all the rules, tips, and strategies to play the game.
What Call Break deployment versions do you provide?plus_icon
We provide several deployment options for games. These are our Callbreak deployment versions:
  • Web versions- only require a web browser and do not need to be downloaded
  • Desktop versions- have to be downloaded to be played on windows or mac platforms
  • Mobile versions- platform-specific game applications for iOS/Android
How much does it cost to develop Call Break game?plus_icon
There is no fixed Call Break game development cost. Each game will vary and so will cost depending on the features, type of software deployment, deadline commitments, as well as team size and hourly costs per individual.
Can you make a real-money Call Break game?plus_icon
Yes we can create a real-money Call Break game. It is completely legal because Call Break is a skill-based game not a luck based game.
Is real-money Call Break legal?plus_icon
The Supreme Court of India has deemed it legal to incorporate real-money wagering in a game as long as it involves skills to play and win. Call Break involves knowledge of the rules, and strategic thinking to identify which card is most appropriate.
Will the Call Break game manage to function with a large number of concurrent users?plus_icon
Yes, during development we make preparations to ensure the game will not crash with high user volume. Also, we make it easier to scale a game once the need arises.
What other features can you add to my Call Break game?plus_icon
Additional features we can implement are: Leaderboard, Play as guest/Account creation, In-app purchases, Dashboards, Multi-language and Multi-currency support.

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