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Originating in Italy under the name Lotto, Bingo became popular in the USA in the mid-’90s. The Bingo game’s popularity is steadily increasing in areas of India where it is legal. Want to see our best Bingo software development skills? Just look at the MPL and Winzo Bingo games as we developed them. Bingo is a game of luck and skill and puts other skills to the test than the regular ones! If you want to test your players’ senses, develop a bingo game!

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What We Provide

Want to know what will be included in your Bingo game app? Take a look at what features we will include for you to ramp up user numbers and engagement rates!

Player vs Player

Let players face off against each other in player vs player

Player vs Computer

The player has to put their skills into action against the Bingo app’s AI

Hire Bingo Developers With Exceptional Experience

  • You won’t find another development partner with 14 years of experience and an ‘eye for detail!’ Artoon Solutions is an expert in the field of game development, having been among the first to venture into this exciting and immensely popular industry.
  • When partnering with Artoon Solutions, you have two choices available to you, a ready-to-launch solution (Whitelabel Solutions) or a customized solution (Turnkey Solutions)
  • Also, we can provide you with support and maintenance services for a month. After that, these services are chargeable.

Bingo Game Development Features

Account Creation

Allow users to become regular players by creating an account

Daily Login Bonus

Rewards users who log in to your app daily with bonuses

In-App Purchases

Provide an upper hand by allowing users to buy consumables

Chat or Message Facility

Let users communicate via voice or text messages

Other Features We Offer

Random Number Generator

Ensure fair play with a random
number generator

User Dashboard

Check the user dashboard to
find hackers

Admin Dashboard

Control your Bingo game with
an admin dashboard

Multi-Lingual Support

Let players from around the world enjoy
your game in their language

What is the Cost of Bingo Game Development Services?

If you are on board with developing a Bingo game, you will definitely need a number to work with regarding bingo app development costs! But, it is not that simple as every project is different, and there are bound to be factors that may increase or decrease your project’s cost. To get a better cost estimate, let us know your exact requirements.

Technologies Used by Our Bingo Game Developers

Wondering why our bingo games are so appealing and seamlessly smooth to operate? It’s the tried and tested technologies that we use! Take a look at our tech stack to see what technology our developers will use to make your bingo game.




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









Bingo Game Development Cycle


Why Make Artoon Solutions Your Bingo Game Development Company

Get your Bingo game developed correctly on the first try! If you want a professional company that puts quality above quantity, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the perfect partner to develop the bingo game you have always dreamed of owning.

  • 14+ years of developing games
  • Reliable communication for client communication
  • IT task force of 250+ experts
  • 1000+ projects completed in time & to client requirements
  • Knowledge and experience in all game, web, and app Development technologies
  • Solutions for iOS/Android/web applications
  • Experience working with major names such as MPL, Winzo, Flipkart, Junglee Games, A23, BatBall 11, YooZoo Games, Zupee, Dangal Games & Good Gamer.


Do you develop Bingo standalone apps or multi-gaming apps?
We can develop a standalone bingo application and a bingo multi-gaming website or app. Furthermore, we can develop an android or iOS application.
What is the cost of bingo software development?
There is no fixed cost for bingo game development as every game differs greatly. Depending on the complexity, resource availability, custom features, design, and the presence of tournaments/events can greatly affect the cost of bingo software development.
Will I receive maintenance and support for my Bingo game?
We will only provide free support and maintenance services for the first month; after that, these services will be chargeable.
Are you able to customize my Bingo application?
Yes, we can provide you with a custom bingo application. However, it may take a bit more time to complete, but we will be able to customize and make your bingo app according to your design requirements
Why should I choose Artoon Solutions for Bingo software development?
When wondering why Artoon Solutions is the best partner for you, several reasons apply:
  • Extensive experience of 14+ years
  • 250+ IT experts under one roof
  • Development of Android/iOS/web apps as per your requirement
  • Effective communication and transparency
  • 100% dedicated developers and designers
  • We strive for excellence and stop at nothing short
Do you develop other board games?
Yes, we can develop many other board games such as Ludo, Carrom, Sudoku, Pool, Mahjong, and Cell Connect. You can include these games in a multi-gaming app/platform or as standalone apps.

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