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Key Elements of Mobile App Development Process


When it comes to the development of a mobile app development process, it has become essential for businesses because of the drastic rise in competition. And it is the medium through which businesses can evolve and expand at a high pace. It cannot be denied how much mobile applications influence our daily lifestyles. We are highly dependent on them to solve critical operations.

Indeed, it is easy and convenient to make use of a mobile app, but if it is about developing them, it is next level hard. Some elements involved in the mobile app development process are given below.

The target customers need to be carefully determined:

You may feel like it is easy to get a good grip on your customer, but it is not so, and you must not take it lightly. You need to comprehend your customers’ mindset for providing them with an application having minimum errors and maximum user satisfaction.

Knowing your customers and later making use of their feedback to fix the problem through a mobile app is one of the best ways to develop the app.

Understand what your mobile app requires to offer:

Before you get into the mobile app development process straightaway for your business needs, invest time in understanding what are the aspects of your business that you want your app to cover.

Essentially, you will have to position your business priorities through your mobile app. This is the best way how the business and the mobile app can have long-term success.

Determine the UX strategy based on user needs:

User Experience or UX is about understanding the problems of the users from the viewpoint of the users. The problematic spots need to be identified and articulated to produce a powerfully successful solution. The output needs to be analyzed of the user research along with the definition of the problem through a robust UX strategy.

You will have to make sure that everything is properly balanced and the experience stays intact. The interaction that takes place between the users and the mobile app needs to create positive attitudes and emotions. It is about how your users feel while making use of your app. While designing the app, always keep in mind your users.

Come up with interactive and intuitive designs. Begin with why the users require your app, then focus on what they can do with it, and lastly, focus on how they are going to feel while using your mobile app. Understand the user behavior before working on User Experience.

UI needs attention:

After all, each of the users of your mobile app is going to be human. Thus, opt for an interactive interface and keep the user-friendliness intact. Follow the conventions of the mobile app when you develop your mobile app. It is an excellent way to fit into the market, especially when you are new.

Improvisation can be done later, and after getting some experience, you can make the upgrades. UI and the usability of a mobile application are essential, and thus, it is essential to come with useful and decent features.

Keep the graphics highly appealing:

The appearance of an app plays a vital role, and in the end, the product needs to be easy and comfortable in the eyes of the users. The app’s graphics hold the potential to determine if your app is going to fail or succeed. Thus, ignoring it can be a big mistake. It must look good on any device used by the user.

The mobile apps having top-notch design or graphic art are very captivating to the users’ eyes. In case you do not wish to make use of text, you must know that a picture can deliver thousands of words. Thus, make use of intuitive and top-quality designs, visuals, animations, and images to keep the engagement of the users intact.

Level up the efficiency:

You will have to think about making things easy for the customers, and you must know how the users are going to use the app for their operations. This is the right process for developing a mobile app.

For example, almost every smartphone nowadays comes with touchscreens, and the users mostly make use of their forefingers and thumb for swiping through and performing the general app activities. Therefore, the mobile app needs to be developed in a way so that it becomes easy to use even when the users move constantly.

Ensure compatibility:

If you want your mobile application to be available for anyone, you will need to make sure that it is available in both Android and iOS versions. It must be made sure that when a user upgrades to another version, they must receive the app updates. Making unique features for different platforms makes things easier for the user to meet the change, and it keeps the engagement intact.

Make sure that your mobile app is simple and loads super-fast. Keep in mind that mobile app users are always searching for something attractive and new to give a try. Your project’s success depends on everything unique you do.

Render enhanced security:

Above everything, one of the primary things that you need to consider is app security. Keeping the users and their data safe is your duty. So, you will have to think about every possible way that you can opt to keep the safety of your users intact.

Based on this particular factor, you will have to decide on the technology that you are going to put to use for encrypting the data and information of the users.

Keep the option of social sharing:

It does not matter if an individual listens to good music, reads an excellent article, or plays a new-gen game; they always love to share their experience on whatever they do on the web on their social media platforms. You need to keep this thing in mind while making a mobile app.

The app you must integrate with renowned social networking websites to facilitate fast sharing at ease. Put an in-built viral mechanism to promote social sharing. This will allow your users to market the mobile app.

Ensure proper mobile device performance:

The size of the application matters. In case a user has low storage capacity and inconsistent or slow internet, it will become difficult for them to install the app. So, you will need to develop a straightforward and well-designed app so that it consumes less space. Size of the app matters because it keeps the RAM and CPU of the mobile device free.

It will help your mobile app to load easily within seconds. Some mobile applications will make the processor do more work, and it leads to high battery consumption. So, you need to develop your app in a way that consumes the least amount of energy to keep going with the process of developing a mobile app at its best.

Check screen resolution:

While you develop your mobile app, you need to consider the resolution and screen size of different mobile devices that operate on the platform in which you want to publish your app. Regarding resolution, you will need to attain the correct pixels every inch; go for the standard screen resolution for the app.

You need to make sure that the mobile app you are developing fits any screen size without any problems. In case you are not familiar with such technicalities, you opt for an outsource mobile app development company to get developed a great screen resolution for your app.

Incorporate attractive content:

When it comes to mobile application development, you will require text for labeling the buttons, providing guidelines, and explaining particular terminologies. So, make sure that your app possesses precise and explicit content.

Avoid stuffing keywords just for the sake of SEO optimizations. It is because you may end up distorting the message that you want to deliver to your customers. The mobile apps have updated information and content that looks new to the repeat customers and the users as well. Try to deliver specific and accurate content as much as you can to satisfy the needs of the users.

Facilitate user-friendly navigation:

If your mobile app has poor navigation, it will test the patience of the users. And if it is so, your users will drop the idea of using the app immediately. All you need to do is make a simple app, facilitating the users to look for and make use of the things that they require at ease.

Ensure to offer a clutter-free experience, and always try to deliver an app that can be put to use easily. Just to look modern, there is no need for your app to have a complicated navigation system and interface because nothing beats the sophistication of simplicity. Most of the app users will not have enough time to explore the mobile app and then use it.


It is highly possible that you are not the only person who came up with an application idea, and in several cases, the developers like to improve what already exists. So, plenty of products are there in the app stores that possess similar purposes. In short, the competition is very high. So, getting to know about every element of developing a mobile app will make things easier for you.

However, if you are looking for a mobile app development process, opt for the services of our outsource mobile app development company. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has an expert vision and advanced technologies to develop a highly responsive mobile app for your business. All you need to do is share your app requirements with us, and we will do the rest for you.

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