Cost to Develop an App like Uber

Concept Behind Uber App

Uber app is divided into three modules.

Passenger App Find nearby rides & book them on the go. -------------------------------------------

Driver App Connect with nearby riders & drop them at their location. -------------------------------------------

Admin App Manage the complete business operations through the app.

Uber's Back-end Process

Driver App  Receiving orders & services monitoring

Passenger App Ordering service



Web App

Admin Panel Service Management,  support

How Does Uber App Work?

Request for Ride

Match with driver

Ride to your destination

Pay for the ride

Rate your experience

Cost of developing  MVp Uber-like app

Your app will be either native or cross-platform  here is how much it will cost to develop their basic features.

App Module   Native   Cross-platform

Riders app        $10000 - $30000   $5000 - $15000 Drivers App      $5000 - $20000      $3000 - $ 10000 Admin Panel     $5000 - $ 15000    $2000 - $10000

Note: These are just estimates and are not to be taken as the final costs. Connect with us for a quotation.

Cost of Adding  Advance Features

Want to add value to your app? Considering adding these advanced features.

Rider-Driver Communication         $3000-$6000 Scheduling Ride in Advance           $6000-$8000 Booking Ride For Others                 $3500-$4800 Splitting Fee                                       $6000-$7500

What Will Decide the  Final Cost of the App?

Applications are complex. There are factors that will determine the final cost.

Type of Company

UI/UX Desing

App Platform

Type of app

App Features

Tech Stack

Type of Team

Tips to Earn From Your  Taxi Booking App

Price Surge Model Increased price per mile in localities where demand is high or in conditions like bad weather.

Membership/Subscription Fee For regular users with added membership benefits.

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