Believe it or not! On demand taxi booking applications are changing the transportation game altogether

By 2025, the global ride-hailing service market is expected to reach $126,521.2.

In 2018, Uber reported a 43% rise in its market revenue, which nearly accounts to be $11.9 billion.

Currently, Uber has over 75 million riders and 3 million drivers globally.

What is Uber and why is it so successful?

Uber is a leading taxi booking services company that was established in 2009 in San Francisco, United States. Many have been into this sector, but none of them have managed to secure its position as Uber has in the past few years. Every entrepreneur wishes to start a similar business model and become the next Uber. Let’s take a look at how Uber has gained so much success?

The various factors that explain the Uber’s triumph are:

  • Uncompromised friendly approach to their users (riders as well as drivers)
  • Customer-focused features that allow them to choose the ride, check real-time locations, change the ride and give feedback.
  • Keeping drivers motivated.
  • Availability of Uber taxi application in all the major platforms.
  • Exemplary user experiences that allow riders to get a cab in just few taps and drivers to manage their tasks easily.

With so many other players in the taxi booking app arena such as Lyft, Ola cabs, Grab and Gett, Uber has established itself to be at the top of its game. Nothing other than the credibility, ease, convenience, the Uber app offers accounts to its success and popularity.

Understand the business model of Uber and create your own taxi booking app

Now that you have made up your mind, it’s time to analyze how this world-renowned taxi hailing app, Uber works. Let’s take a glance at the business model of Uber below:

  • Passengers after downloading and registering on the app requests for a cab.
  • By selecting the type of cab, the passenger puts forward the request which reaches the nearest driver available.
  • The driver who received the request can either accept or reject the ride. In case if a driver rejects the request, it gets forwarded automatically to the next nearest driver available.
  • Depending upon the availability, the driver accepts the ride and soon after which the passenger gets all the required information about the driver directly on the app. It includes driver account info, real-time location on the map and estimated arrival time.
  • Once the passenger reaches his/her destination, payment can be done either through card transaction or cash.
taxi app development company

How much does it cost to develop a taxi App like Uber?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Looking for your own uber clone app development? Finding a company that provides Uber-like app development is not easy. Also, if you are already the owner of a taxi booking business and looking for ways to increase productivity, then you have certainly landed on the right page. Join hands with Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and allow us to take care of all your mobile application development requirements.

We know that there is that one prime question in your mind that is still left unanswered. How much does it cost to build an app like Uber or Lyft? Well, the answer to this question is quite a tricky one as multiple factors decide the cost to build a mobile application. Those factors include:

  • Complex or simple technicalities and functionalities to be developed
  • The platform to be chosen i.e. either Android or iOS platform or both.
  • Standard app version or the full-fledged market-ready version
  • Finding a budget-friendly taxi app development company. Developers from the US, UK and Australia are quite expensive when compared to the developers from India.

To create a feature-rich taxi-booking app like Uber, you must select the best taxi app development company like us. With our exemplary full-stack development team, you are sure to get what you wished for.

Standard features and estimated cost for your Taxi Booking App

Features of User Panel:
Features of Driver Panel:
Features of Admin Panel:
  • Registration
  • Home Screen
  • Track Location
  • Request a Ride
  • Get Booking Confirmation
  • Get & Pay for Ride
  • Rate Driver
  • Outstation
  • Airport Ride Booking
  • Receive Notification (Push & SMS)
  • My Account
  • Registration
  • Track Location
  • Login
  • Get a Request
  • Start & Complete the ride
  • My Account
  • Rate User
  • Receive Notification (Push & SMS)
  • Login
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Sub Admin
  • Manage Requests
  • Manage Vehicle
  • Manage Rides
  • Manage Earnings
  • Area Manager
  • Content Manager

Additional Features

User Panel:
Driver Panel:
Admin Panel:
  • Push notifications
  • GPS Tracking & Navigation
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Push notifications
  • GPS Tracking & Navigation
  • Role-based Dashboard
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Intelligent Queue Algorithm
  • Marketing Tool

Expert panel of developers

Our passionate teams of professionals create highly sophisticated mobile applications that are already into various domains of businesses. We offer taxi booking app solutions that are aimed to provide improved customer interactions and excellent user experience. Our team of experts includes:

uber clone app development
  • 2 mobile app developers each for native Android and native iOS
  • 1-2 UI/UX designers
  • 1-2 Backend developers
  • 1 Quality assurance member, 1 Business Analyst and 1 project manager

Want to start your Taxi On demand Android or IOS Mobile Application or Website? Get the uber clone source code from Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Talk to us for more details

Technology stack we use to develop










Fabric iOS


Android Studio






Google Analytics


Google API


MEAN Stack


Mantis BT










swift iOS



on demand taxi app development uber clone source code uber clone source code

What you get by teaming up with us for your taxi booking app development?

  • Deliberation of technology and in-depth analysis of methodologies
  • Quality-driven processes
  • Highly experienced developers
  • Implement industry-specific solutions for maximum ROI
  • Quality analysis and testing
  • Ensuring a quality project through the effective project review 
  • Deliver quality applications in a shorter time frame
  • Maintaining transparency in the project output

If you are looking for uber clone app development, then contact us for more details.

Unique features to boost your taxi business

Taxi booking via Chatbots

If you can simply text your chatbots and book a ride through your mobile messaging system, then why take the labor of downloading a new app for this particular service. With this feature, chatbots can make customer interaction even simpler.

Cab pooling options

This is one of the unique features that one must consider as it allows you to save an immense amount of money by sharing your rides with other riders. Incorporating this feature will be highly useful for the daily commuters as they get a pocket-friendly riding option.


Will you make a taxi booking app that works both on mobile as well as on a website?

Generally, we make mobile applications using our own development solutions that are usually meant for mobiles. In case, if you want your users to book directly from a website, then that also be done.

How much is the approximate cost to develop an on-demand taxi booking application?

We have a basic model that you can either buy on a single purchase or rental basis. The cost may also vary according to the customization and other demands of yours. Feel free to contact us directly for more details.

Do you provide support after sales? If yes how long?

Yes, we do help our clients with after-sales support. The duration of which depends upon the model purchased by you. Feel free to contact us regarding the same.

After developing a taxi booking application, how will I be able to monetize it?

On demand taxi booking applications make money by charging commissions from the driver’s earnings. In some cases, taxi booking application owners can charge the users for booking and safety fees also.

What would be the duration to implement your solution in my business?

In case if you are not looking for special or unique features, then we have a standard model of the application, which can be delivered to you within 10 working days.

Do I have to pay the full payment in advance?

You may have to pay 50% of the amount before to book your project. For further details kindly contact us.

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If want to create a Uber like taxi booking app or wish to add value to your existing taxi app with enhanced UX

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