Believe it or not! Chatbots are the real game changers in the future.

By 2020, 85% of the customer interactions will be handled without a human agent.

50 % of enterprises will spend more on bots than on mobile apps.

(As per the Gartner Report)

By 2022, through the usage of chatbots, businesses can save up to 8 billion dollars.

With the use of chatbots by 2023, businesses and consumer can save up to 2.5 billion hours.

(As per Juniper Research)

By 2024, the global market size of the chatbots would be a whopping $ 1.3 billion.

(As per Global Market Insights)

How can Chatbot development add value to your Taxi booking business?

Before implementing chatbots to your business, you may want to know what good it can bring to your business. Well, perhaps many! The benefits of deploying bots depend upon the task you want your chatbots to complete. Let us discuss below the advantage of using chatbots in a taxi booking business:

  • Hail a taxi with the help of AI chatbots that provides seamless and efficient services by mere conversation.
  • With instant replies from bots, no more endless hours of waiting on phone calls to reach customer care person
  • Time and cost reduction by proper usage of messenger database for analysis
  • With all-time availability, chatbots allow customers to book taxis on the go
  • AI-powered chatbots can provide reliable information, anticipate user’s needs, engage customers, give suggestions and recommendations. Thus customers tend to return to the chatbots again and again for such excellent services.

Businesses these days are leveraging more and more bots services for their promptness, resolving complaints, 24/7 assistance, handle minor transactions, ability to engage and make customers happy.

What Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers for Chatbot Development for Taxi Booking Business?

With the numerous benefits of chatbots technology, we are certain that you are inspired to develop chatbots for your taxi booking business. Finding the right chatbot development company that caters to your demands is not easy. Fret not! We at Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have a dedicated team of skillful and expert chatbots developers who have immense experience in working with SMS, API, Google Goecoding API, API.AI, NLP engine, etc.

With our strong understanding of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technology, we develop bots with AI capabilities that can handle complex analytical tasks faster than a human can. We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a machine learning model to build AI-powered chatbots that can enable the bots to think and learn like humans.

Bot Framework

Looking for a Custom Chatbot development for your Taxi booking platform?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Want to develop your own taxi booking application? Finding a company that provides Uber-like app development along with chatbots integration is not easy. Also, if you are already an owner of a taxi booking business and looking for ways to increase productivity, then you have certainly landed on the right page.

With the chatbots platform, you are sure to experience an efficient and smarter workflow. Being sturdy, stiff and reliable, the chatbots will revolutionize and add more value to the taxi booking business. We at Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strive hard to bring your dream to a prosperous reality. Our pool of dedicated team will help you build your bots according to your requirements and needs. By integrating out chatbots that can do machine learning, optimized to serve customized replies based on past conversation and provide personalized and real-world conversations, they certainly stand out to be smarter and efficient in all ways.

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Standard features and estimated cost for Chatbot Development and Integration with Taxi Booking App


End Users


Taxi chatbot features must include:

  • Book a ride
  • Show pick up and drop off location
  • Confirm ride
  • Ride status notification
  • Track ride
  • Easy payment options
  • Promo code
  • Cancel ride
  • Review, rating and feedback

Our Chatbot developers are wizards in developing bots of multiple layers. The bots that we create are:

  • AI Chatbots
  • Customized bots
  • Flow based IVR and online bots
  • Enterprise bots

Expert panel of developers

Our passionate teams of professionals create highly sophisticated and intelligent chatbots that are already into various domains of businesses. We offer bot solutions that are aimed to provide improved customer interactions and excellent user experience. Our team of experts includes:

  • 1 Chatbot Developer
  • 1 NLP developer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Content Writer/ Proofreader
  • 1 Quality Analyst

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Technology Stack We use to develop





Fabric iOS

Android Studio



Google Analytics

Google API

MEAN Stack

Mantis BT





swift iOS


What you get by teaming up with us to develop a chatbots system for your taxi booking app?

  • Deliberation of technology and in-depth analysis of methodologies
  • Quality-driven processes
  • Highly experienced developers
  • Chatbot conversation designing
  • Developing chatbots using bot building platforms or tools
  • Implement industry specific solutions for maximum ROI
  • Quality analysis and testing
  • Ensuring a quality project through the effective project review 
  • Deliver quality applications in a shorter time frame
  • Maintaining transparency in the project output

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Unique features to boost your taxi business

Facebook bot development

This development enables customers to book taxis without downloading the app. By using the messenger bot, they can customize their Facebook messenger to book a cab by mere two-three dialogues. This feature also allows the company to reach millions of Facebook users who use this application.

Taxi booking via Chatbots

If you can simply text your chatbots and book a ride through your mobile messaging system, then why take the labor of downloading a new app for this particular service. With this feature, chatbots can make customer interaction even simpler.


Is it possible to integrate chatbots in my existing taxi-hailing app?

Yes, it is possible. We can build chatbots SDKs that can be integrated into new as well as existing web/mobile apps.

Can Chatbots find the location of the user?

Yes. Through IP addresses, the chatbots can derive the location easily.

Which type of chatbots should be incorporated in a taxi booking app?

A taxi booking app requires conversational and flow based Chatbots

How do chatbots act in a more human way and answer the question asked as a human would answer?

Through Machine learning methodologies, bots can chat with the customers in the same may human does. By this technique, the bots learn from the previous conversations.

Do I have to pay the full payment in advance?

You may have to pay 50% of the amount before to book your project. For further details kindly contact us.

If you want to create your own Bot or wish to add value to your existing Taxi Booking App ot interface to enhance UX,

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