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MPL Mentioned Us During Forbes Interview

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Inducted into Google Appscale Academy Class of 2022

Chosen for our Teen Patti game out of thousands of applications to be among the Top 100 apps in the country in its starting year. Our game featuring 5 Million+ downloads was one of the few games to be selected for the Appscale Academy 2022. We are honored our unique game managed to catch the attention of tech giant Google. The Google Appscale Academy is a joint initiative between Google and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), MeitY Startup Hub. It aims to help Indian startups grow into globally successful businesses.


Artoon Solutions Featured on Meta’s Success Stories

Artoon Solutions, its start-up story, and its Founders were all covered by Meta’s Success Stories. A Meta team traveled to Surat, Gujarat, the location of the headquarters of Artoon Solutions, to film a specially planned video that best displayed our story and the sentiments of our founders. Artoon Solutions couldn’t have asked for a better platform to showcase our story!


One of the few companies to be invited to Facebook Headquarters

Honored among a few companies to visit the Facebook Headquarters and learn more about working with their products. Artoon Solutions has been using several Meta products, which have been highly effective in improving our games’ profitability without negating engagement.


Attended India Game Developer Conference 2022

Represented Artoon Solutions at the India Game Developer Conference 2022 and met several game developers and prospective business partners. Attended the IGDC 2022 to understand the latest market trends, how they can impact Artoon Solutions now, and what future adaptions can be made.


Represented Artoon Solutions at Digital Gaming India Expo 2023

Presented our full range of expertise and products to attendees from India and abroad under the Artoon Solutions booth. Showcased our real money game development services and specialities, such as MGP, Rummy, Poker, Callbreak, Solitaire, Ludo, and more. We showed where products like ours stand in a market where such skill-based, real-money solutions are highly popular and profitable.


Invited to All India Gaming Federation Event

Attended a special event organized by the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and All India Game Developers’ Forum (AIGDF) to assess the position of gaming in India. The event posed an opportunity for game developers and game development companies to partake in discussions about legislative decisions made about the gaming industry and their effects.

21 PUZZLE game development Projects

Artoon Solutions has worked with the biggest names in gaming on a repeated basis. Take a look at some of the biggest clients who have chosen our 21 Puzzle game development services.


Overcome Your Biggest Challenges With Artoon Solutions

Connection & Reconnection

Leveraging bigger brand clientele, we built a custom server architecture that eliminates rejoining problems caused by low data speed, calls during gaming, device toggling, etc.

Timely Delivery, Everytime

Artoon Solutions teams work in tandem based on milestones to deliver games on or before deadlines.

Get Competitive Costing

We believe in providing a legitimate quote to our clients, we study their requirements in detail and then only we provide them the quotation.

Extended Maintenance & Support

Catering to enforce game integrity, Artoon Solutions provides longer periods of maintenance and support when requested.

Utilizing Latest Technologies

As an IT company, Artoon Solutions stays ahead with the latest global technologies for reliable and stable game development, ensuring tried-and-tested approaches.

Established Company You Can Trust

In 14+ years of experience, we’ve worked with top Indian gaming brands, like MPL, Winzo, A23, 3Plus, and Circle of Games, on their multiple projects successfully.

What Can You Expect?

Include These UNO Modes

21 Puzzle games are fun, but you can make them more fun by including other modes to keep players entertained as they can switch around and play different modes. You can include these different types of modes in your 21 Puzzle game.

Play vs. App Logic

Choose to skip matchmaking by playing against the app’s logic

1 vs. 1 Mode

Make it a fair competition by letting two players play at the same time to test their addition and coordination skills

Multiplayer Mode

This mode lets players play with other players around the room or within the same room

Offline Mode

Provide players with the option to play offline when there isn’t an internet connection

Top 21 Puzzle Game Developers

  • Our 21 Puzzle games are the best as we have extensive knowledge about developing such games. Our team contains developers, designers, and QAs, all capable of executing their roles efficiently. Provide us with your 21 Puzzle game requirements without fearing for your game’s quality and functionality. Our well-developed and designed games have made us a notable player in the 21 Puzzle game development industry.
  • Two options are available to you: Whitelabel solutions are those that are ready to use but not owned by the client. Alternatively, Turnkey solutions are solutions that require customization and adjustments, and you have the chance to own the actual game.
  • After developing your application with us, you can even enquire about developing a multigaming app or website and integrating your 21 Puzzle game into it.

21 Puzzle Game Development Features


Tutorials and practice sessions will show players how to play

Play With Friends

Bring all your friends together by playing through sharing an invite


A fast and reliable technique by which players can be matched


Regular events and tournaments increase player engagement

In-App Purchases

Earn from your app, offer in-game currency or boosts with real money

Chat Facility

Let users keep in contact with each other with messages or voice messages

Additional Features We Offer


Include the ability to handle several currencies at a single time


Adding more languages to your 21 Puzzle game makes it global-friendly

Admin Dashboard

Take control of your game with admin dashboards to keep track of discrepancies

Payment Integration

Interested in a real money game? We can integrate multiple payment methods

How Much Does 21 Puzzle Game Development Cost?

21 Puzzle game development costs cannot be estimated from the start. An accurate estimate is provided upon clarifying your precise requirements. Costing goes according to website requirements, we only charge you as much as your website should, nothing more!


Our 21 Puzzle Game Developers Use These Technologies

Wondering what technologies we use to power our21 Puzzle, 21 Blitz and 21 Cards game? Take a look at the tech stack our 21 Puzzle game developers use.




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









21 Puzzle Game Development Cycle


Why Artoon Solutions Is The Best 21 Puzzle Game Development Company For You

Apart from having been in the IT industry for a very long time, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also has the resources and professionals needed to make your 21 Puzzle Game the best on the market. What else do we have to offer?

  • Employing 350+ IT experts
  • Over 800 projects fulfilled
  • 14+ years of experience and success
  • Effectively keeping clients in the loop
  • Experts teams offering reliability and dedication
  • Use of powerful and stable technologies
  • Partnership Experience dealing with big names MPL, Winzo, Flipkart, A23, BatBall 11, YooZoo Games, Zupee, etc.


How long does 21 Puzzle game development take? plus_icon
Approximate project duration takes between three and six months. Depending on customizations, it could be shorter or longer!
Is 21 Puzzle Game a skill-based or luck-based game? plus_icon
Like Blackjack, the 21 Puzzle game is a game of luck and skill. Luck and skill are necessary to master the game. But you can argue that a great deal of skill goes into being able to carefully add all the numbers together in a short time span.
How many cards do you get in the 21 Puzzle game?plus_icon
Players will have columns of cards on their screen. The objective is to add no more than five cards to each column while ensuring that the total of each column does not exceed 21.
Is 21 Puzzle game and Blackjack the same?plus_icon
Yes, Blackjack and the 21 Puzzle game are the same card game, as they have the same strategy. The only notable difference is that in Blackjack, players only face the dealer, while in 21 Card Game, players compete against the dealer and other players on the table.
Do you offer cross-platform 21 Puzzle game development services? plus_icon
We offer cross-platform 21 Puzzle game development services. These solutions are platform-independent and are capable of running on Android and iOS devices with little trouble. This way, you can satisfy players from both operating platforms with a single application.
Can a 21 Puzzle game be included in a multigaming platform/app? plus_icon
We can integrate your 21 Puzzle game onto a multigaming platform or application if the requirement is communicated to us early on.

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