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AngularJS vs ReactJS : What’s a Perfect Fit for your business?


You need to be sure to pick the right platform for a web application. There are many frameworks available in the market but you need to select the right one. Each framework has its benefits which are used for a specific app. Among many, AngularJS and React JS are an excellent frameworks to build a web app. Sometimes, it’s become difficult to select one framework for the project. Before going to hire Reactjs developer vs AngularJS, you need to know how both are different from each other.

Basic Intro: Angular JS and React JS

AngularJS is managed by Google whereas React JS is owned by Facebook. Both frameworks are unique and easy to use. These frameworks are designed to build cutting-edge web and mobile apps. Thus, many parameters appear to be smarter options for front-end developers’ projects. Before taking the initiative to hire a dedicated React JS Developer or Angular Developer, let’s take a closer look at each.

Differences Between AngularJS and ReactJS

After knowing a few differences between both frameworks let’s discuss them broadly.

Differences- React JS and Angular JS

1. Basic Differences


It is a JavaScript library which means the codes are already written. It can be used various times at a time of performing the same function.


The particular MVC framework is written in JavaScript. It means that it will work in a supporting structure.

2. Framework Usability


It can be used to create single as well as web page apps and it is considered perfect for single-page apps. Along with this, React is also for mobile app development with the assistance of an additional framework and Cardova.


The particular framework can be used for creating single as well as multiple-page apps. It is best for single-page apps that update a single view at a time. You can use Angular for mobile app development with the assistance of additional frameworks.

3. Libraries


This framework needs additional libraries besides UI development such as dependency injection, component-based routing, data binding, and project generation.


It offers a holistic experience. It doesn’t need additional libraries. In this, most of the functions are already there in the framework.

4. Languages


This framework uses Javascript including JSX. It is used by React which helps in extending ECMAScript.


On the other hand, Angular uses typescript and JavaScript. The typescript makes the procedure of code refactoring quite faster.

5. Learning Curve


The learning curve is less as compared to Angular. Along with this, it primarily depends on what extra functionality is needed by the developer.


It is slightly difficult to learn as compared to React. The angular framework needs knowledge of typescript and MVC.

Benefits of ReactJS and Angular

Advantages of ReactJS Development

1. React is the perfect option when it comes to managing heavy loads of code.

2. It is quite simple to learn.

3. RaectJS gives you the upgraded uphold for your server-side rendering.

4. You will get an option to relocate between the versions in React.

Advantages of AngularJS Development

1. It gives support for typescript.

2. Angular works on the Model-View-ViewModel outlook.

3. It has excellent potential for scalability.

4. AngularJS has smooth updates because of the Angular CLI.

Now the main question is what suits your business? So, both frameworks have different purposes and are meant for different purposes. We need to check what matches perfectly according to your business.

AngularJS vs React JS?

If you are in search to create a minimum viable product with limited functionalities such as Dynamic Apps, Enterprise Web Apps, or Progressive Web Apps. For such kinds of apps, Angular is the perfect choice for these kinds of apps. You can opt for React to build a large-scale app. Examples are E-commerce retail apps, Social network apps. Now, you won’t find any difficulty when you have to hire ReactJS Developers from India.


The blog will help you to understand when you need to hire a Reactjs developer or Angular developer. We can say that the pros and cons of each framework will help you to make better decisions for your project. For further assistance, Artoon Solutions is always available. The company offers excellent services of ReactJS/AngularJS at a reasonable rate.

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