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Points Guiding Which iOS App Development Company to Hire


iOS mobile users constantly spend more on apps, be it their download price, in-app purchases, or subscriptions. Naturally, this makes iOS app development more in demand than Android development.

In 2021, there were 116 million iPhone users in the USA alone. This figure is expected to increase in 2022. Meaning from 116 million users, a percentage of this will be paying users.

The decision on the mobile platform may have been easy. However, the choice of which iOS app development company is nowhere as simple! This blog will point you in the right direction when making that decision.

Why an iOS App?

Initially, you may second-guess your decision to choose to develop an iOS application. You may wonder if you have made the right decision, seeing as Android leads the way in global device OS market shares with 72.5%.


However, you have made the right decision. Despite being the minority, iOS device owners are more likely to spend on apps. This makes iOS app development services more popular when compared to cross-platform or Android app development.

Establishment Date

If a prospective iOS app development company has been established for less than five years, it automatically has the term startup attached to it. These companies usually have not established a fixed business model and may change them in an instant.

I doubt you would want to hire a company like this. This is where checking out how many years an iOS app development company is crucial to selecting the best option. With age comes more experience, and the same applies to development companies.

Service List

Before hiring an iOS application development company, you will obviously check to ensure that the company provides the exact services you require. Usually, this information is all available on their website.

However, if you have a specific requirement, for instance, regarding customization or a particular technology, you may have to contact and ask the company before proceeding further.

Connecting with the company will ease many of your doubts and put a clear picture in your mind regarding what services are and aren’t offered. Also, declare your requirements to the fullest. You would hate to start your project only to find the most crucial element cannot be easily integrated into the iOS application.

Portfolio and Client Feedback

There is no greater way to believe something than by experiencing it for yourself! That’s the power of a portfolio and client feedback. While some companies may use it to show off, it may be why you choose to hire the company you will.

A portfolio is a visible collection of a company’s completed projects. It shows what caliber of development a company can offer. It’s wise to immediately look at the portfolio to avoid disappointment when the actual software is delivered to you.

Also, it can give you an idea of what you are looking for if you are somewhat undecided about the finer details of your application.

Team Size, Skills, Work

While a company will be lobbying for your project, it is actually a team of various IT experts who will be undertaking the technical stages of developing your application. Getting more information about these individuals can help you make up your mind.

The skills and experience of the developers, designers and testers should be taken into consideration before picking an iOS app development services provider.

If you are technical-adept, even better! You could ask for their portfolio or communicate with them to better understand their approaches. Either way, it will help you to get on board with what to expect from the team.

iOS App Development Technologies

Certain technologies are used to make iOS applications, and having a clear and in-depth knowledge of these technologies is vital. It is actually inexcusable for an iOS development company!

Check to see if the company is dealing with the latest technology and the most stable versions of the technology. This may be a very important deciding factor in choosing an iOS application development company.

Technologies that are vital in iOS application development are Swift, Flutter, Objective C, and Apple Xcode. Using the right technologies is essential to ensure the proper functionality and security of user data that the app may collect.


Not everyone can afford an open budget, and many clients have a strict budget whose boundaries they must remain. In such cases, the cost will be a primary factor before settling on your final development partner.

Many would downsize or remove features to drop costs. However, doing so can reduce the application’s quality as well! Your iOS application is bound to look and perform best when you have put aside a decent budget to develop the app, including mandatory and extra features.

Process and Quality Assurance

A company could have an excellent team of developers, testers, and designers but still produce a buggy or below-par application. The simple reason is that their process is wrong, and there has been a lack of coordination along the way. All iOS app development services use a similar software development life cycle.


Meanwhile, if the final app is flawed, it means the quality assurance and testing stage has also not been effectively carried out. This would hurt the app and the company.

Another sign of poor service is when an iOS application development company has had to extend the deadline constantly!

Post-Development Services (If Applicable)

If only an iOS application would be complete after development alone, these are the wishful thoughts of clients like yourself. Unfortunately, ending it there would be catastrophic for your app’s future.

Very quickly, your app would suffer from bugs, and users’ concerns would not be addressed! If app users feel that they are being ignored or not valued, your app will likely suffer!


Choosing the best iOS app development services is not a one-angled decision. There are multiple factors to consider. Not considering them may cost you a chance for a better iOS application.

If you are looking for a capable iOS app development company in India, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may be the best fit for you! With 14+ years in the development scene, the services are a testament to what the company can deliver.


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