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How popular are Bike Sharing apps and what goes into building an app like Ofo, Mobike, and Spin?


Bike sharing app development best solutions provide here Artoon. Bike sharing services have become hugely popular these days. With over 1600 bike sharing programs and 18 million bicycles put to use, it is widely evident that people across the globe are shifting towards a healthy, better and pocket-friendly way of commuting. For this reason, entrepreneurs from every nook and cranny of the world are nudging this game-changing and innovative idea along with the power of technology for a better and safe future.

The popularity of on-demand bike sharing app

Currently, the world’s top players Ofo and Mobike hold a 90% share in the Chinese bike sharing mobile apps market. There are around 430 bike-sharing programs in China making it the supreme market in its arena. There are multiple reasons for the fame of app solutions and services. By choosing this bike-sharing program, citizens can lower the pollution level by reducing the density of pollutants in the air, decreasing the noise pollution level, and reducing traffic congestion. This sustainable commuting option can help you in choosing a better fitness regime.

Instead of taking the car out of the garage to commute a short distance, one can download the app and rent a bike and shuttle in a jiffy. To solve the last mile problem in big cities, entrepreneurs these days have metamorphosed this idea into the dockless bike-sharing program. Instead of parking the bikes in the specified docks, here the bikers can easily pick up the bike and drop it in a safe public place wherever they wish.

This article is for those entrepreneurs and startup, who envision a bike sharing business and want to develop an on-demand app. In this blog, we have included general features of top bike sharing app and its development cost.

Let’s take a look at the prime players in this arena. Ofo, one of the major frontrunners is a Beijing-based bicycle sharing company that has over 5 million registered users and has been offering 50 million rides in 24 cities in China. Mobike, an on-demand bike sharing app that was initiated as a Beijing-based company has services in over 18 countries and around 8.65 million active users worldwide at present. Spin is yet another famous San Francisco-based dock-less bike-sharing service in the USA that is equipped with cellular modems and GPS.

How does an on-demand bike sharing app like Ofo and Mobike works?

  In an on-demand bike sharing app, the user has to download the app on their Smartphone. Then depending upon the location of the user, the application displays the availability of the bikes in the locality. By selecting the nearest available bikes, one has to walk to the bike and unlock it by opening the app and scanning the QR code on the bike. The users then receive a four-digit code on their Smartphone which needs to be entered on the specially-fitted lock located at the rear wheel of the bike. After successfully unlocking the bike, the user can start the journey.

After the completion of the trip, the user will be required to pay the fare shown on their screen and then end the ride. These apps are integrated with multiple payment methods such as wallet payments, net banking, credit or debit cards, and much more. Users can also make use of the coupon codes and other special discounts through these apps. In order to end the ride, users will have to park the bike in a safe place or a designated dock, make the payment, and unlock the bike.

Bike sharing app Features and designs to contemplate

To deliver the best-ever user experience, it is quite essential to develop a smooth design and attractive features for your application. Every user desires effortless navigation and smooth transition in an application. Your Bike sharing app features must include the following:

  • Find the bike near you
  • Advance bike reservation
  • Unlock and lock the Bike
  • Secure payment options
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Check trip details

To be at the helm of this bike-sharing business, it is crucial to have the most competitive features in your application and a matchless UI/UX that offers uncompromised quality and customer engagement. In order to set you apart from your counterparts, spending a bit more in order to make your application, as well as your service perfect and outstanding, should be considered a long-term investment. Follow your competitors and take note of their business strategies. Add in your touch, give it a unique graze and make your dream app a reality.

How can Artoon help? To build app like Ofo or Mobike, you require a perfect bike sharing app Development Company that is open to customization and deliver projects on time and budget. This is a great business option that has an exciting present and a great future. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned on-demand bike sharing app Development Company that is proud to be the part of this sweeping change. Hire from our talented pool of developers who with their expertise will get your bike sharing business to reach heights unimaginable.

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Mr. Alpesh Vaghasiya is the founder and CEO of Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a young technocrat, an experienced entrepreneur, and a kind leader of our esteemed mobile app development company. Ever since the completion of his Bachelors in computer science, he discovered his fascination and forte towards information technology and inquisitiveness towards learning something new and different every day. With his fine proofed leadership skills, he has led the company to lay its foundation based on professionalism, high-standard quality deliverance, and a results-driven approach. Apart from this he loves traveling, music, and sports and is also an avid reader and an adventure junkie.

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