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Laravel VS CodeIgniter- Which is the better framework?


Creating a custom web application requires a PHP MVC framework. There are various MVC frameworks for PHP developers out there. In this blog, we will discuss the two most popular PHP frameworks- Laravel and CodeIgniter. Here we will discuss Laravel VS CodeIgniter- Features, Similarities, and when to choose one. Both frameworks are hugely famous among PHP developers.

PHP developers will have a tough time determining which frameworks are best for their projects. Understanding the functionality, performance, and usability accurately is a must for this. Let’s get you to the core of each framework so that one can use their perspective and decide according.

What is a Laravel development service?

Laravel is one of the popular open-source PHP-based web app frameworks that follow the MVC architectural pattern. This framework offers flexibility in migration, effective security features, in-built templates, ready-to-use API, and stable and easy maintenance. Using Laravel development services, one can create high-quality, creative, and customizable websites using its code and modular programming that is easy to use and comprehend.

What is a CodeIgniter development service?

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework that is not only easy to configure, but simple to understand, learn and use. Websites and applications built using CodeIgniter are highly interactive and extremely user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and development tool-friendly. By forming an alliance with us, you are sure to experience a superlative CodeIgniter development company that would augment your business by adding the much-required mileage to your online presence.

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Laravel VS CodeIgniter- Which is popular

We are taking three perspectives to understand the popularity of Laravel and CodeIgniter here:

Market Share

Based on the market share, CodeIgniter is still behind Laravel in the entire web.


Website Categories

Among all the websites, most of them are made of Laravel instead CodeIgniter.

codeigniter-VS Laravel-website-categories

Based on Location

Though Laravel remains the first choice all over the world, there are countries that opt for CodeIgniter as well.


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Laravel VS CodeIgniter


Pros and Cons of Laravel development

Pros Cons
Simple to follow Being new and still under development, there are chances of minor bugs here and there
Faster application development Legacy systems are not easily transferred to Laravel
Faster execution Slower platform
Easy documentation Lesser community support
Lightweight Beginners can expect a lot of challenges

Pros and Cons of CodeIgniter development

Pros Cons
Smaller footprint Not object-oriented
Easy customization Not compatible to the latest version of PHP
Simple architecture Lacks exhaustive libraries
Built-in security features Lack of composer integration.

Laravel VS CodeIgniter- What would you choose?

Though each framework has gained immense popularity, both of them are unique in’s way. Depending upon the type of project and its requirements, the developer decides which among them to choose. Both Laravel and CodeIgniter are equally the best option, but according to the recent trends, Laravel has been the no.1 choice of developers for its robust features. But this doesn’t mean that the CodeIgniter is dead! For its ease to use and backed up with a large community, CodeIgniter can never die. Now, the choice is yours!!

We hope that you are clear about the fact and figures you need to consider before weighing your options. If you find yourself to be still confused about which platform is better for you, then feel free to discuss your project with us. Being an immaculate Laravel development company? our experts will help you to analyze the best option for you. If you are looking for an error-free and unique design website or web application then you require a reputed Laravel or CodeIgniter Development Company that delivers the best quality services.

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