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Top 5 Things to Look at While Selecting a Game Development Company


We are in a different world of mobile games and technologies. With software and game development industries taking the center stage in the media & entertainment arena, it is quite obvious that we may see many young game owners or game development entrepreneurs in the coming years. So, it becomes necessary to take a look at how to select a game development company? Or what are the things that make your company a customer’s first choice?

Let’s take a closer look for a clear picture.

The following are some key points:

  • Proven experience?
  • Current performance with bigger brands
  • How qualified is the company’s team? Are they still associated with their old clients?
  • Mode of operation- Transparency throughout project’s lifecycle- Agile methodology?
  • QA-checked services – in-house team & enough devices or not?

Proven experience?

While selecting a game development company the first thing that comes to mind is if the company has a good past experience or not. The company should have proven experience in working with big brands on their multiple repetitive projects. Also, the company should have previous proven successful experience of handling a recommended 10k+ concurrent (minimum) users.

Suppose you are choosing a company having less experience. In this case, you can’t be so sure that your product will make a move in the market. The company you are investing in might have not experienced developers and the final product might not catch with the basic and minute necessities required as per the market. So it is necessary to select a company that has at least experience of working with bigger brands, must be in the market as a vendor for many years, in-house dedicated teams in the game development field.

More the years of experience, the more quality product you will receive.

Current performance with bigger brands

The company should be working with the bigger brands and one must make sure that the client is learning multiple projects from their existing vendors. When a company works with the bigger brands it shows that the work delivered by the vendor is up to the mark. Bigger brands like MPL, WinZo, Paytm First, Flipkart, MyTeam XI have a bigger audience reach. Working with bigger brands like these shows that the vendor is capable of handling a huge user base.

One must also check whether the vendor is getting repetitive work from their existing clients or not. The number of games delivered by the vendor to the client can showcase whether the vendor is getting more than one project from their clients or not.

How qualified is the company’s team? Are they still associated with their old clients?

A company with 10-15 years of experience must not have 2-3 specialists to implement the project. With respect to the company size, the number of specialists should at least vary from 50 to 200+ in-house teams of specialists. Developing a game is not possible without a proper team in the organization. It requires a lot of knowledge and skills to achieve the goal starting from concept development to testing and marketing.

The company should have a proper ‘in-house server management team’ as well, so they can guide you with their customized server architecture which shall be useful in the cost-saving of your game.

A game development core team should look like this:

  • 2D/3D Graphic Designers
  • Frontend- Backend developers.
  • QA i.e. Testers team. Testing devices.
  • Project managers

Game development teams are supposed to be flexible with the specific requirements of the project. Look for a game development company where the development team is ready to take the specific development requirements.

Mode of operation – Transparency throughout the project lifecycle – Agile methodology?

Here are some key points while looking at the mode of operation.

  • A company should follow the Agile methodology lifecycle. They must have a single point of contact rather than multiple points of contact so that the client doesn’t get confused, that is with whom he must communicate throughout the project development process.
  • The company should be transparent from day one, that is, the understanding and scope of work should be clear to the company.
  • One must understand whether the company is sending an understanding document after reading client SOW (Scope of Work), or whether the company is asking several questions to be on the same page with the client.
  • Once the project is on board the company should send a work in the progress report on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • The vendor must use project management tools in the communication so that the client and vendor always be on the same page.
  • The company must also provide a pre-maintenance period and the company must be ready to extend the maintenance period if the deliverables aren’t up to the mark.
  • One must also find a vendor i.e a company that provides host maintenance services and customizations as well.

QA-checked services, In-house team & enough devices or not?

The QA team must be imposed. The tester should have enough testing devices to test the game or the product rigorously. The QA team should be writing test cases and the working team should be capable of writing test cases, solving them, and delivering perfect QA-checked products to the client. The products must come with QA-checked marks for stability and reliability.

In Short!

So, what are your thoughts? Got some ideas on how to select a game development company? Always choose a game development company that has the aforementioned points in their organization.

Are you looking for a game development company that meets your expectations?

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