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What to know before you own real money gaming application?


The era we have entered into is digital where everything you can find on the internet platform. There are various business opportunities to generate revenue like e-Commerce web and mobile apps, on-demand services providing real money gaming application, online educational
app, among all; entertainment is also a part of the business that can sell on the digital platform. Movies, web series on numerous platform is part of it, but virtual and real money gaming is a jackpot idea to earn money by arranging tournaments on
real money gaming app.

Nowadays, the attraction of the IPL game has a tremendous effect on sports lovers. It leads game enthusiasts to create a virtual or real money gaming platform. Thus, MPL app is very famous. Who wants to mount on the Real Money gaming platform?

What are the things consider before having real money gaming development? These fundamental things are security, investment prospects, guidance, rewards, and more.

Earn real money from Real Money gaming app

Real Money game app is a kind of game that is played on an online media & real money is wagered on the outcome. It is a type of a game where the real money is involved and played through digital media like mobile devices. The person playing the game can
purchase chips/coins to play the game. Each has a monetary value. If a person wins, he/she can earn more chips, and if they lose, the coins/chips have deducted from their account. It is as simple as buying and redeeming chips from a real Clubhouse.

Can arrange tournaments

It is so exciting for a game owner who organizes tournaments for the players. The players need to sign up by paying charges. There are multiple tournaments with various entry fees, and consequently, the champion price varies. A game owner decides champion
price in categories of Top 3/5/10. Owner directly receives money when players get in the tournament by accepting terms and conditions and is considered as owners the commission/charges. A huge sporty crowd can be your success origins who are curious
to play games online and earn money.

Inbuilt competition

It is not compulsory to arrange tournaments for earning money from real money game. From the app, an inbuilt competition is a choice for players who register themselves and try out their luck to win price by spending a piece of the amount. They can participate
in an in-built competition between Player Vs. Player/Players in a random room or by creating a specific space (for friends to play). Now a question arises, how a game owner earns money from the in-built competition? As same as the tournament, the
owner collects his profit when the initial chips/coins are purchased by the users to play a game.

Transitional Ads

Its good idea to implement for earning money that fills your pocket utilising advertisement in when users play a game. An interstitial ad is an interactive, productive and full-screen ad that includes the whole screen of an app. This ad appears between
content or playing game. When a user clicks on it, the predefine cost per click will transfer to the owner’s account from the advertiser’s account.

Where to Place Ads

Ads can place header or footer of the screen. It comes under subsidiary income. Ads displayed in the footer and header and tap on it can generate revenue to a game owner. However, the majority of real money game apps do not have such type of ads as these
have very low CPC (Cost per Click).

Quick Notes to keep in mind

  • Owners can arrange tournaments and in-built match and earn money.
  • Your real money game app will not list out in the Play Store and App Store as protocol not designed for real money game app.
  • Users can download real money gaming app from its official domain.
  • Owners legal responsibilities increase as real money involved in it because players are from anywhere.
  • The focusing part is to earn money from various ways like tournaments, in-built competition, interstitial ads, and header/footer ads from a single product.

Wrapping up

What is your idea after a read? We hope it’s worth the opportunity to jump up on a real-money gaming platform for your online business. Are you curious to develop a real money game for huge earnings? Here, Artoon Solutions is with you to clear your confusion in choosing an accurate mobile app Development Company with advanced service support. With having an expert in-house staff of 150+ game developers, 13+ years of experience in the industry, and a portfolio of 500+ games; we can cater to all types of game app requirements and coding challenges.

Let’s get into the real money gaming world.

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