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3D Avatar-Based Games: Some Bullet Points!


The reach of the mobile gaming market in the recent past is beyond imagination. Every gaming industry has benefited and there is no wonder why it took the top spot in the top-grossing entertainment field in the last 2 years

But wait a minute, are we missing something?

Yes, we are. Online games (both skill-based and luck-based) are touching new heights and it is all because of the new realistic features like 3D Avatars.

Let’s take a quick look at 3D Avatars.

3D Avatars

3D Avatars are the new era in mobile gaming. Almost every game development company takes leverage by adding this outstanding feature to the game app.

Nowadays, 3D avatar-based games are the most popular games. It brings more excitement to the table and the player has an option to choose their own avatar. Here if you notice all the avatars are 3D based. From top to bottom everything is animated which creates a different aura for the gamers. The playing table, the cue, the board background i.e. environment everything is 3D. So, it goes without saying that 3D Avatars are definitely noticeable but at the same time it takes a lot of tolls to develop a 3D Avatar-based game.

There are different types of Avatars used in games i.e. only face, Head to Waist, Head to Toe. So depending on the requirements, it can be designed. The game can also have an Avatar creation module wherein the eyes, hairs, lips basically the whole face along with the body is customizable.

So, here are the costs and features of 3D Avatar-based games.

Cost and Features

We all know 3D, animation, and high-quality graphics are always costly as it takes more time to build a lot of effort required from both developers and designers. But if we put that aside for a moment and look at the features and long-term benefits, the cost won’t be a bigger factor to deal with, as one can expect that if the game is developed perfectly by a perfect game development company then the revenue generation of the game is guaranteed.

One of the best examples for Avatar based games is 400 Arba3meyeh

Best features of 3D Avatar-based games for a game owner:

1. Avatar creation module

There can be a special module in the game apps where the user will be able to customize the face, hair, skin tone, cheeks, lips, jaw, eye colours, and beard type of the available Avatars.

If the avatar is customizable from head to toe – body, body type, outfits, height then there will be vast options for users to get their desired Avatar type. Having this many options will create a huge impact for gamers and it will make sure the gamer won’t leave the game app too quick which automatically develops user engagement.

2. Engagement

3D Avatar plays a huge role in acquiring users and building user engagement on a constant basis. Some games seem boring even with the latest trends just because of the repetitive modes and variations. However, 3D Avatars can be changed by the owner/developer by sticking with the latest trends on a regular basis.

To understand this in a better way, let’s take an example: Suppose you have developed a Rummy game with all the new features and even options like Tournaments, Slot games, Tours, Mini-games, Scratch & Win, etc. The game will make an impact for sure as it offers vast options to play but adding a 3D Avatar feature in the game will be like icing on the cake. It will catch the user’s attention in a very short time and if the 3D Avatars are customizable, the game app may emerge as the hottest game trend. User engagement will surely increase with 3D Avatars.

3. Trust

With engagement on the rise, another factor will develop by adding 3D Avatars and that is Trust. The more user engagement, the more users will trust the game app. Imagine a game app that has 10k traffic and another game with over a million traffic.

You will go with an app that has millions of traffic any day, isn’t it?

So, when user engagement increases it becomes easier to generate trust and acquire new users.

4. Connection

How fitting does it sound to have a connection with the game? Yes, when there is a large chunk of the user base, playing it on a daily basis will add up new connections worldwide. No matter how far you are, by sharing the game skills, experience, and knowledge, connections will definitely grow and the user can enhance the game skills.

Connections are important for keeping users in the same loop and 3D Avatars can make that happen.

Trending Avatar

The game owner needs to look at the trending avatars of the current time. When you follow the current trends and develop avatars according to that, it suddenly boosts user engagement. For example, suppose a movie character, an Olympic sports person, or an athlete is on the trend, and if you develop a 3D Avatar according to that, users will keep playing the game app as it will offer a vast option of 3D Avatars.

Old-fashioned Avatars

If your game app is for both the younger generation and older generation, then you need to have a good collection of old trends in the Avatars list. Having a list of Avatars in the current trends category only may not gain a positive response from old generation players. So, the game owner also needs to take care of that as well.

Background effects and animations

These are the larger parts of 3D Avatars. Background effects must be of the highest quality and animations should be proper i.e a Hassle-free experience. With picture-perfect background effects, animations, and music the 3D Avatar will be a blast in the gaming market and it will help the company to earn large revenues.

In Short!

3D Avatar-based games create a new aura in this ever-changing gaming market. From head to toe gaming industries are focused on creating effective 3D Avatars to acquire a large user base. So, are you looking forward to developing a 3D Avatar-based game for your users?

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