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Game Development Company in India

We are a well-known custom mobile game development company in India, catering to almost every mobile game development requirement that exists! We create both 2D and 3D games, making a clear distinction between the two. Also, we cater to all mobile platforms (Android/iOS/Web-app). If you are looking for high-resolution graphics, eye-catching design detail, and optimal functionality, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the right place to create the game you have dreamed of making or perhaps one that serves as an investment in the current gaming market! Need proof of our work? You will find it on the Google Play Store, MPL website, and more.

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Our Game Development Company’s Offerings


Our Custom Game Development Services

Artoon Solutions is a custom mobile game development company catering to multiple game genres that other mobile game development companies don’t cater to. We specialize in board games, card games, casino games, and casual game development. Apart from this, we also create Puzzle games, hyper-casual games, and Multigaming platforms/apps.

Board Game Development Company

Create a casual game requiring a board and movement of pieces.

Card Game Development Company

We offer gaming software development involving a deck of cards

Casino Game Development Company

Develop any game that you would find in a brick-and-mortar casino

Casual Game Development Company

Games targeted towards the masses, not requiring much skill


Mobile Game Development Company in India

  • The portfolio of our mobile game development company speaks for itself in the sheer number of gaming projects we undertake and the popularity of the clients with whom we have worked. Our game development services have grown gradually over the years and have become our most prominent asset!
  • With our 14+ years of game development experience, we are a custom game development company in India and USA that is yet to receive a client requirement for which we could not provide a solution. Thus, we are highly capable of solving any gaming developer problem.
  • We primarily offer two types of game software solutions: Exclusive mobile game development company offers a custom game developed from scratch, and the other is a ready-made game that is just redesigned according to requirements.

What Our Custom Mobile Game Development Company Provides

Dedicated Gaming Developer

Hire us to benefit from our dedicated game app developers and guarantee that you will have the best version of your game developed and delivered to you.

Unity Game

Our game development services use the best game development platform, Unity. Ensuring excellent games are developed.


Unity offers the ability to create platform-independent games that run seamlessly on any mobile operating system.

2D & 3D

Whether you need a 2D or complex 3D game, our effective yet small game development team is ready to develop a solution.

Our Client’s Feedback


Additional Game Development Services We Offer


Mobile Game Development Company

Our mobile game development company is amongst the best mobile game development companies, we ensure custom game design, setting it apart from the rest of the games on the market.



Ensure your game is enjoyed locally and abroad by including support for multiple languages.


User and Admin Dashboards

Keep track of your game through dashboards. You can also check the performance of your game through this feature.


High-Quality Graphics

Realistic graphics by merging graphic designers as well as the best graphic development software.

How Much Does Our Game Development Services Cost?

A common question arises when asking how much our mobile game development services cost. Only after receiving the Scope of Work document, analyzing it, and passing it on to our technical team can we guide you further as to what features and mods are necessary for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and eventually in the next version of the game. After the technical team has spoken to you and with your approval, a time estimation can be derived. Based on this we are better equipped to deliver an accurate cost estimation.

The technologies Employed by a Game Development Company for Game Development Includes




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









The Game Development Cycle Followed by a Mobile Game Development Company Involves


The Clients of Artoon Solutions, a Mobile Game Development Company, Include

Why Make Artoon Solutions Your Mobile Game Development Company?

Artoon Solutions as a Mobile Game Development Company has been a notable figure in the mobile game app development industry in India for over a decade. With the knowledge, experience, and talent we have garnered throughout this time, we make a commendable development and game design company and partner!

  • 14+ years of Experience as a Mobile Game Development Company
  • 200+ IT Experts working towards excellency
  • Best mobile game development company with stand-out clients in our game developer’s studio portfolio like MPL, Flipkart, Junglee Games, A23, Bat Ball 11, Dangal Games, YooZoo Games, Zupee, and Good Gamer.
  • 1000 projects completed to perfection
  • Offices in India (Surat & Ahmedabad) and USA (Illinois)
  • Development of 2D and 3D Games
  • Use of Reliable and Effective Technologies
  • Mobile Game Development Platform solutions for every requirement

Game Development Company’s Full Spectrum of Creative Services

We are not just a mobile game development company and game design company, and our other services include website and mobile app development. You can choose to partner with us again for some of the following services.

Website Development

Mobile App Development (Android & iOS)

WordPress Website Development

Hiring of dedicated developers – iOS, Android, WordPress, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, and React

FAQs about Game Development at a Mobile Game Development Company Include

Why can’t I get a quotation upfront?plus_icon

Every game development project is different, and our technical team cannot immediately assess it without in-depth detail. Thus, we require a clearer detailed view of everything your game requires. After sharing these details with our team, we can provide a more precise cost estimation.

Can I get a readymade game?plus_icon

It depends on the game. Some games do come with a Whitelabel solution option. However, these games will still need to be redesigned according to your requirements or avoid the game looking exactly like another game.

Does your game development service include development from complete scratch?plus_icon

Yes, we can develop a game for you from scratch. We just require a detailed requirement list from you and adequate time to work our magic!

Do you offer dedicated resources?plus_icon

We can provide dedicated game developers as well as dedicated developers for a multitude of technologies. This includes; iOS, Android, WordPress, Node, PHP, Laravel, and React. These resources are offered based on a contractual basis.

Have you got experience in developing multi-gaming platforms and apps?plus_icon

Yes, we take our gaming development services seriously and have developed multi-gaming platforms and apps. Whether you require a standalone game app or one that will have to be integrated into a multi-gaming platform or app, we can cater to both requirements.

Will my game automatically come with events and tournaments?plus_icon

No, you have to detail this requirement in your documentation so that our developers and designers know to include this feature.

Will I receive support and maintenance for my game?plus_icon

Support and maintenance efforts for your game will only be available for a limited time. After this, these services will be available as billable services.

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