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When Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is tasked with pool game development, we first, clearly understand your requirements and then develop the best pool mobile app or desktop application for you. Our 8 ball pool game app developers use the best technology and exceptional design to make a worthy pool game! No need to have the app looked at again as we ensure security and functionality that won’t disappoint! Whether you require an 8 pool game, Billiards, or Snooker, we are the best 8 ball pool game development company for the job. Incorporate several modes and features and make your pool game stand the best chance of being successful with us.

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We Have Developed Pool Game For A23 and Dangal Games


What Can You Expect

Customized Pool Games

Increase your user base by including several game modes that our 8 ball pool game developers can implement into your game. A Tournament mode will allow users to play for exclusive rewards. Multiplayer mode enables several users to simultaneously play on a single table. Solo mode games for just yourself and the computer. Also, choose to make a Private Table for friends and family to play together.

Player Vs Player Mode

Play against multiple players to top the leaderboards in your region/country

Multiplayer Mode

Add more fun by letting several players play on a single pool table

Solo Mode

Enjoy a game without competition! A solo mode for just you and the table

Tournament Mode

Create tournaments where users participate to earn special rewards

Best 8 Ball Pool Game Development Company in India

  • We can develop a ready-to-use software development solution (Whitelabel Solution) or one with customization not requiring any modifications (Turnkey Solution). We are also able to integrate the use of real-money in your application or platform. If provided with the API, we can integrate Bitcoin payment into the application.
  • You can choose between a ready-to-use (Whitelabel Solution) or a custom solution requiring limited to no modification to launch (Turnkey Solution). If provided with a Bitcoin API, we can integrate it into your pool application to function as you specify.
  • Offered separately, you can hire maintenance and support services for your pool application.

8 Ball Pool Game Features


Show new players how to play and enjoy 8 ball pool


Enable users to see who is topping the leaderboards and how to get there

In-Game Boosts

Introduce in-game boosts that help users pass tough pool levels and stay engaged

Invite and Earn

Reward users for inviting more friends and family to the game

Daily Login Bonus

Add value to user login by rewarding bonuses to players who log in daily to play

Custom Tables & Cues

Choose to customize your table and cue stick from several designs

Additional Pool Features We Offer

Admin Dashboard

Control your game with a personal dashboard. Keep track of users and game functioning.

Play With Friends

Enable private rooms where users can invite and play with friends or people they know


Include multiple languages, allowing global users to play comfortably in their native tongue

Customized Pool Solutions

Looking to add a pool feature nobody else has? We can deliver custom pool development

How Much Does 8 Ball Pool Game Development Cost?

Pool game development cost is assessed based on a few factors, such as how many features and game modes are required. Apart from the client requirements, project duration, and resource requirements influence cost.

Technologies We Use in Call Break Development




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









Game Development Cycle Our 8 Ball Pool Game Developers Follow


Our Clients

Why Choose Artoon Solutions for 8 Ball Pool Game Development?

Equipped with 14+ years of expertise in game development, Artoon Solutions also has a team of 250+ IT experts ranging from 8 ball pool game app developers to designers and testers, so rest assured knowing your game is in experienced hands. Putting all our resources together, we merge client requirements with our experts to derive the best 8 ball pool game solution for you. Hire us to develop your 8 ball pool game today!

  • A large workforce of 250+ experts
  • Experience of 14+ years in game development
  • Experience in developing games for clients such as MPL, Winzo, Flipkart, Junglee Games, A23, BatBall 11, YooZoo Games, Zupee, Dangal Games & Good Gamer.
  • 800+ clients’ requirements fulfilled
  • Direct client communication & timely project delivery
  • Use of a wide range of technologies
  • Game solutions for mobile and web


Why Choose Artoon Solutions for 8 Ball Pool Game Development?plus_icon
Artoon Solutions is an experienced 8 ball pool game development company that has 14+ years of experience and has even developed 8 ball pool games for clients like A23 and Dangal Games.
How Much Does 8 Ball Pool Game Development Cost?plus_icon
There is no hard and fast cost for an 8 ball pool game! Each game varies and will have different features and requirements. Thus there will be diverse resource requirements, making costs vary as well.
Is it possible to make an 8 ball pool solution for a multigaming platform? plus_icon
Yes, we can make an 8 ball pool game that can be integrated into a multigaming platform. Alternatively, we offer standalone 8 ball pool applications for iOS and Android.
Can you add a leaderboard or multiplayer features to my 8 ball pool game? plus_icon
Both of these features and more can be added to your game as well as many other features. Some of the other features include multi language support, social media integration, in-app currency, and in-app purchases.
How long will it take to develop an 8 ball pool game?plus_icon
It could take anywhere between a month to a few months to develop an 8 ball pool game. The features you choose and their complexity affect the development time.
Can you make a real money pool game?plus_icon
Yes it is possible to develop a real money pool game. Although we warn that this pool game will not be featured on either the Android or iOS stores as real money games are banned on both stores.

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