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11 Trending Pool and Billiards Games for Android


Pool and specifically 8-ball pool, fall under the elite category of evergreen games. There is an immense following and user base for Pool, and making a Pool app may very well turn out to be a fruitful investment if you get it right.  

  1. Royal Pool
  2. 8 Ball Pool – Miniclip
  3. Pooking Billiards City – Mountain Game 
  4. Pool Billiards 3D – GameLord 3D 
  5. Pool Empire (8-Ball Pool Game) – HangZhou Mention Network Technology Co., Ltd. 
  6. Real Pool 3D – EivaaGames 
  7. 8 Ball Blitz – Special Tag 
  8. Pool Blitz – Cherry Pop Games
  9. Real Snooker 3D – EivaaGames 
  10. 8 Ball Smash (3D Pool Games) – HypGames
  11. Kings of Pool (Online 8 Ball) – Uken Games

1. Royal Pool 

Royal Pool is the newest game from game developer and publisher Artoon Solutions. It offers a fresh spin on the plain old pool while still sticking to the traditional outline of the game. 

Instead of making it a game exclusively for expects, Royal Pool is an eight-ball game suitable for all ages and experience levels. Plus, novel snooker or billiards players won’t find the game difficult as there are special boosts and tricks to pass intermediate to difficult levels. 

Players will play games to collect coins and eventually garner large amounts. These coins accumulated can then be used to purchase boosts or decorate certain arenas to move onto the next level. Players can also add extra boosts to their stash with in-app purchases. 

If you are ready to start playing and decorating your royalscapes, we’ve attached the 8-ball game download below. 

Download Royal Pool 

2. 8 Ball Pool  

Developed by Miniclip, the eight-ball pool game is almost a decade old, proving to be one of the first of its kind. This pool game features a one-on-one mode or tournaments if you want a bigger coin payout! 

You can also easily sign into your Facebook social media account to challenge friends and family members to a game of 8-ball pool. Several reasons behind this game reaching the tremendous milestone of 500+ million downloads.

One possible con of this game is that it is an online-only game, which sets it behind other offline ball game options.  

 8 Ball Pool

3. Pooking- Billiards City   

If you enjoy a simple game of pool, Pooking – Billiards City may be the game for you. This is a simple game, but it doesn’t compromise on graphics or performance, and you get gameplay that surpasses expectations.

If you were into the initial pool games, this one’s for you. Tables come in an assortment of table shapes and interesting pocket configurations. Anyone can enjoy this free game even though there is an ad once in a while! Else you can opt for a premium version lacking any ads.  

The game follows a level system; as expected, levels get harder as you progress! 

Pooking- Billiards City 

4. Pool Billiards 3D

GameLord 3D is the developer behind Pool Billiards 3D, an 8-ball pool game released just a few years ago yet has collected over a hundred thousand downloads so far. Like the other games, Pool Billiards 3D offers HD graphics, smooth animations, and of course, 3D!

If you are not a regular pool player, don’t worry, as the game comes equipped with a tutorial to help every player find their bearings when using this app. Generally, Pool Billiards 3D is a great game for anyone looking to enter the pool game niche.

You can also stay tuned for updates that are likely to arrive in the future. 

Pool Billiards

5. Pool Empire (8 Ball Pool Game)

The Pool Empire pool game is one with a generous amount of features to suit players of all tastes. The modes it offers are PVP, story mode, and tournaments. The features are appealing, and the gameplay is so immersive that you barely remember that the game is 2D. 

Advanced cue controls allow excellent aim that allows you to take your best shots and pocket as many balls as you can using the least number of moves. 

Games feel authentic and resemble the atmosphere you experience when playing pool on a real table. All these are contributing factors that have led Pool Empire to a desirable spot on the market. 

Pool Empire

6. Real Pool 3D

People who like customizations will enjoy Real Pool 3D, a pool game that allows players to choose the tablecloth colour, pattern, and even a character. This game has mostly reached five million downloads with the help of two features that have made the game highly popular.

Instead of just one option, the game offers 8 ball pool, 9-ball pool, and UK 8-ball pool and users can choose the one they are well versed with. 

The two most memorable modes are time trial and matrix mode. The former gives you 4 minutes to pocket as many balls as possible. In the latter, pocketing a ball higher than the last provides a boost but pocketing one lower than the previous ball will lower your score. 

Real Pool 3D

7. 8 Ball Blitz   

In case you have a larger group of friends and are looking for ways to entertain each other, 8 Ball Blitz makes a great case for itself. The game allows for inviting friends via Facebook, and you can even chat in real-time with each other through this Snooker game app.  

You can also complete daily tasks to obtain more coins, boosts, and in-game consumables. These will take you further in the game and help you to surpass the harder levels that come later on. 

The game is not even a year old from the time of writing but has already gathered an impressive 5+ million user base. The game also offers interesting table designs and fun-to-use cues that have extra boosts.  

8 Ball Blitz

8. Pool Blitz

This pool game differs from most of the others, giving a bit more to players. You can invite up to seven other players to spectate and play games, making it a great option for entertaining a large number of people using a single game.  

Be careful where you shoot your ball, as you need to be aware of a few obstacles and traps. 

Also, there is a no-wait multiplayer mode that allows you to join a game immediately instead of waiting on a slow matching algorithm to find a match. Also, you can play against snooker players worldwide in real time!

Pool Blitz

9. Real Snooker 3D 

Real Snooker 3D is yet another offering from EivaaGames, the first being Real Pool 3D. The development company is rooted in India and is quite established in developing games like Bowling, Chess, and Carrom.  

This pool game offers the ability to play games with a single player or two players on a table. If you’re inexperienced, there’s a practice mode that helps any novice pool player find their bearings in this unique game. 

You will be satisfied with the customization options that allow you to change table colours, fabric patterns, and cue designs. 

Real Snooker 3D

10. 8 Ball Smash – 3D Pool Games 

You can be rewarded with certain boosts by playing and winning and getting unique tables to play on. Play head-to-head with opponents and try to pocket the most balls in the least number of shots. 

Also, this game features zero wait time, as players will immediately be assigned to a game without having to wait. This makes it very popular among people looking to catch a fast game of pool without wasting their time and internet on matchmaking. 

Play multiplayer events to win exclusive rewards. There are multiple 8-ball pool challenges to take part in every day, and we doubt you’ll lose interest in this game. 

8 Ball Smash - 3D Pool Games

11. Kings of Pool – Online 8 Ball 

Last but not least, our final option is the online eight-ball pool game, Kings of Pool, developed by Uken Games.

You get excellent pool physics that is well incorporated into the Android system. Players have to play to gather more coins; check the leaderboards to see how you stack against opponents.  

A free multiplayer mode lets players rival the world’s best players. Alternatively, you can keep matches private and create a private pool room for friends and family. The game even allows players to chat in real-time. 

You can even show off your progress by updating a profile that will display your badges and successful trick shots. 

Kings of Pool - Online 8-Ball

End Note 

Many pool applications are circulating the market these days. It can become quite perplexing which offline ball game download will satisfy your taste. Finding one you like may take a few apps, which is okay as the trial-and-error method is common.

If you ask us, Royal Pool, 8 Ball Pool, and Pooking – Billiards City make the three best pool and billiards games for new or expert-level players. We ensure you’ll be thoroughly entertained whichever game you choose, pool game you download from this list!

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