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10 Rummy App List to Earn Money Online | All Rummy App List


Rummy is one of the most entertaining card games in India. Since the way online games have emerged, rummy has become an integral part of online games. The classic rummy is a complete fun, entertainment, and challenge that provides a refreshing gaming experience.

The rummy card game is a skill-based game with the benefits of having the highest online mobile gaming players across the country. The online rummy platform is safe and ensures a seamless experience for every rummy player. You can enjoy the card game at any time and play against thousands of players around the world. Just pick the cash rummy game of your choice and experience the thrill of an online multiplayer game.

Rummy’s best mobile game app is still a tough ask for mobile gamers as gaming industries have emerged significantly over the past few years. So how do you list out all rummy app list in 2022?

Let’s take a look at it closely.

Skill-based Rummy Games

Skill-based rummy games are the ones through which a user can earn real money by playing a rummy game. These games are mostly played on online platforms. Here users can showcase their extraordinary skills, strategies, and logic to win games/ tournaments/ competitions and earn huge real money cash rewards.

Luck-based Rummy Games

Luck-based rummy games are not designed to earn real money. The purpose of luck-based rummy games is to provide fun and excitement and enhance players’ gaming skills. As there is no involvement of real money in luck-based games, there is no risk of losing money. So, a user can practice multiple times and sharpen their rummy skills, which can be useful in playing real money rummy games.

Integration of Rummy in Multigaming Platforms

The emergence of multigaming platforms and the ability to integrate multiple advanced games like rummy into one platform have been the biggest talk in online gaming in the last few years.

In a multi-gaming platform, both skill-based and luck-based rummy games can feature. It depends on the game owner and the audience reach.

So, what are some of the top rummy games currently available in the market?

Top 10 Rummy Game App List in 2022

Top 10 Rummy Game App List in 2022

1. Rummy in MPL

Indian rummy is one of India’s most popular and highly exciting card games. It follows the Indian culture and has become an essential part of the online gaming industry. It is a complete package of fun, entertainment, and competitions and gives an ultimate gaming experience to users.

MPL Rummy is a safe gaming platform where users can play games and earn real money cash rewards. MPL Rummy offers six different types of rummy games, i.e., given as follows.

  • Cash Rummy

  • Points Rummy

  • Pool Rummy

  • 21 Card Rummy

  • 13 Card rummy

  • Gin Rummy

So, there is no wonder why MPL rummy has always featured in all rummy app list for the last couple of years.

2. Rummy in JungleeRummy

JungleeRummy has revolutionized the Rummy card game with its exciting features and innovation in technology. It is one of the most popular rummy games, so it features at No.2 in our top 10 rummy game list in 2022. It comes with a smooth UI designed for both skill-based and luck-based playing modes.

JungleeRummy is one of the safest sites to play rummy online. It offers three variants of rummy known as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and some exciting rummy tournaments with rewards like huge cash bonuses, cars, motorbikes, phones, etc.

3. Rummy in RummyCircle

Rummy is amongst the most popular games in India. It’s easy, fun, and packed with challenges that will keep you coming back for more. RummyCircle is the online rummy platform that lets you play rummy and, at the same time, brings excitement to your preferred device. It increases the fun by providing digital avatars in the game app. Fast gameplay, secure platform, and safe transactions, along with international gameplay standards, make RummyCircle among India’s most popular gaming websites.

Here, users can experience a multiplayer game environment that lets you pick the best of tournaments and the rummy game of your choice combined with safe and secure gameplay. It offers 3 top variants of rummy known as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and some exciting rummy tournaments with huge cash rewards.

4. Rummy A23 Games

The idea behind shifting traditional card games to digital was to unite players to a secure platform where games can be accessed easily from any location and played comfortably. There are various platforms in this tech-prior digital world where rummy players can showcase their skills 24×7 without any glitches.

A23 Games emerged as one of the first ventures to introduce rummy to the online platform in the Indian gaming industry and features at No.4 in our top 10 rummy game list in 2022. Since then, it has provided digital gaming experiences to more than 22 Million+ rummy players.

5. Rummy in WinZO

Rummy is one of India’s most popular games. It’s simple, entertaining, and filled with exciting challenges. WinZO is an online rummy platform where players can play rummy in their language. It brings the digital rummy game that was earlier played traditionally amongst families and friends.

Currently, WinZO is one of India’s fastest-growing and most dependable online rummy platforms. WinZO priorly focuses on making online rummy games enjoyable and engaging. It offers one of the safest gaming environments to play & enjoy classic rummy games.

6. Rummy in RummyCulture

RummyCulture is one of India’s most-liked and fastest-growing rummy platforms and has gained the No.6 spot in our top 10 rummy game list in 2022. Here, users are allowed to play unlimited 13 card rummy games and win real cash online.

RummyCulture offers a best-in-class online rummy experience to its users. With high-value tables, fun game variants, exciting GameCash, and the highest cash rewards, we keep the experience fresh and thrilling for you at all times.

7. Rummy in Play Rummy

Rummy is one of the most incredibly popular games in India. Play Rummy is also a digital gaming platform that brings rummy card games to the table. It comes with different variants of the game to earn real money.

Play Rummy has more than 50 million players available in the game app and you can play rummy online with the best of players anytime. Play Rummy lets players choose the rummy variant they like as well as the tournament they like to take part in with the comfort zone. Players experience rummy game with thousands of players participating at the same time. So, it goes without saying that Play Rummy is on all rummy app list in 2022.

8. Rummy in My11 Circle

As per law, tax deduction at source (TDS) may apply to your winnings in My11Circle. For each format of the rummy game in My11Circle, TDS charges will be applicable. TDS is currently applicable at the rate of 30% on winning above ₹10,000, and the rate of TDS and/or the exemption limit are subject to changes from time to time as required by law. It works with TDS law in rummy.

9. Rummy in Dangal Games

Rummy is a skill-based card game available in multiplayer modes on almost every gaming platform. The objective of this game is to arrange the cards in proper sets and sequences to win the game. You can enjoy the game with your friends and family and earn real money. By participating in cash leagues and bigger tournaments, users can earn huge cash prizes in Dangal games.

10. Rummy in Classic Rummy

Rummy, one of the most ancient card games, is a popular household game in India. Classic Rummy offers one of the best online rummy gaming platforms – for both beginners and pros!

Many rummy players are still concerned about the safety and legal factors of playing rummy online. Playing online rummy games in ClassicRummy is completely safe and legal. The logic and gameplay of ClassicRummy make rummy games more exciting!


This blog looked at the top 10 all rummy app list currently in the online gaming market. There can be more highly intuitive games, but the points mentioned above are the top and trending.

Would you like to develop rummy game by looking at the market trends and popularity?

Artoon Solutions has been delivering mobile game apps for the last 12+ years. Developing apps on trending games like Rummy, Call Break, Poker, and Solitaire has always been our primary focus as a game development company.

So, what are your thoughts?

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