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A Beginner’s Guide to Real Money Mobile Gaming Apps


A real money mobile game word says itself that the real money is disbursed to play and/or win the game competition. It’s a kind of gaming app that is played on digital media and actual money is wagered on the outcome. A gamer playing the game needs to purchase coins or chips to take participants in a competition while each coin or chip has a monetary value and is different from game to game.

Examples of real money categories are Card, Casino, Sports, Puzzle, Board etc. Some reference games are Rummy, Callbreak, Mindi, Poker, Carrom, Ludo, Cricket, Pool, Fantasy Sports Games Dream11, MPL, etc.

As online real money gaming apps have been becoming popular for the last couple of years, a large crowd in millions love to play games, get themselves entertained and of course, take a chance to earn real money through playing it.

When It comes to categorizing the games in the different segments, below three segments are dominating the mobile gaming industry.

Fantasy Sports Games: This is one of the most popular and easy to earn the kind of games. You only need to select the upcoming matches and build a virtual team by selecting the actual players to bet on. You will get scored based on the real players’ participants and/or performance in the tournament.

You can’t believe that millions of people have downloaded such apps and playing games with active joy. When it comes to generating revenue through such apps, Dream11, MPL is an example for you. Recently, it was the main sponsor of the IPL2020.


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Card, Casino, Sports, Puzzle, Board Skill Based Games: Another popular category of real money games that can help skilled players earn money playing the games.

Online skill based games like Poker, Rummy, Blackjack, Mindi, Callbreak, Carrom, Ludo, Pool, Cricket etc. are in trending nowadays and a variety of versions are available in the market. You can install the game as per your interest.

Legal Implications:

Real money/ Real Cash/ Skill based games owners do not just deal with real money, they also have to face the law and jurisdiction of different countries. Because one country might consider a real money game app as legal while some other countries don’t. Sometimes, within the country, few states allow the game for the citizens and some states don’t.

For example, the Real Money Rummy game is legal in some states of India. Talking internationally some other Asian countries don’t consider legal. Government permission is needed every single time when a single statement of a policy is changed. Otherwise, game developers might get stuck in the law and regulations of the jurisdiction system.

So, these are a few basic things, everyone should know about real money gaming apps and its legal implications in various countries. To know the important features of real money games and how do owners generate revenue through an app; meet our gaming experts today!

Artoon Solutions who has 11+ years of experience in the gaming world requires no introduction in the real and virtual money game development industry. Within the short span, we have achieved major goals and milestones. Let’s meet over a coffee table to kick start the discussion.

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