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The Role of QA Testers in Bug-Free iGaming Development


What is iGaming Development?

In the past few years, a new era of online mobile gaming has emerged commonly known as iGaming Development. Top gaming industries like real money games, fantasy sports became highly successful. In this modern technology-prior digital world, the way that iGaming has grown is next to none.

Here is how iGaming can be defined.

iGaming consists of skill-based games where the user can earn real money by having specific gaming skills. These are the games that can be played from any place at any time. iGames doesn’t require any highly advanced PC, or high-end graphics to play the game. It can be played from mobile devices and real money can be earned by winning games.

iGaming development is not limited to only sports wagering, it includes a lot of fun and real earning. This mobile gaming involves a variety of activities such as mobile gaming like Rummy, Callbreak, Mindi, Poker, and sports betting. iGaming is gaining popularity with each passing day and it is now one of the most mainstream in the entire gaming world.

So, in this surgical growth of gaming industries ever wondered about the role of QA engineers? Such a large part of the QA team would have played, isn’t it?

Let’s dive in to have some in-depth knowledge about QA Testers in successful game development.

Step by step key points:

  • The game document, Test cases
  • Game UI/ Gameplay Testing
  • Edge Cases
  • Network Testing
  • Test for Device compatibility
  • Reliability Test
  • Load Test

The game document, Test cases

Before the development process is started by the developers, the QA team will receive the document file of the game from developers or clients, or even project managers. After getting the game document file, testers will check for similar games on the internet to get some good knowledge about the game. Then QA team will make a plan on how to test the specific game. Then soon after, they will start creating the test cases.

Game UI/Gameplay Test

QA Testers check the game UI and gameplay by comparing it with real-time games on various platforms. In this process, they check whether the game is following the game rules or not. They need to check the game design, graphics, animations are scaled up properly or not. The game UI needs to be checked rigorously as the user will experience this right after logging in to the app. The UI and animations should function exceedingly well and it is confirmed by the QA Team after checking it multiple times on different devices. If the QA team finds any error then the game will again go back to the developers to fix the bugs.

Edge Cases

In iGaming development, as the game offers real money earning features it becomes necessary to check from every transactional corner as well. The QA team will check whether the chips or coins are credited to the correct person or not. If a player loses, the money is being debited from the correct person or not.

For example, suppose a player wins a tournament in Rummy, then the winner should be rewarded with the winning amount and it should not go to the loser’s account. Also, it is very important to check the winner is rewarded with the specified winning amount, not more than that. When the game is successfully designed it is the work of the QA Tester to check everything from head to toe.

In this testing, the QA testers also check if the payment gateways are secure or not. The less time for transactions, the more reliable the app will be. QA Testers look at how much time the whole transaction process is taking to complete.

After getting delay reports from QA Team, the developers again start their work and try to improve the delay in transaction time.

Network Testing

QA Testers check whether the game app is working properly in different networks or not. They will check the game with the mobile data connection. QA Testers check for the least bandwidth where the game will work. Then they will check with wifi of different versions and even with a mobile hotspot as well to make sure the game can be played by anyone at any time.

Test for Device compatibility

This is a very common issue and the gamers of the old generation are familiar with this. In older days, compatible devices were very rare, and with even a slight improvement in the software, the game apps tend to lag. But now the time has changed, the technology has improved and mobile devices are becoming compatible. However, there are still many medium-sized devices where there are chances the game app might lag.

So, in this testing process, the QA team checks the game starting from minimum configured devices to maximum configured devices. They check from lower end to higher end to ensure the game is smooth throughout and the game is the same for all users regardless of any system configuration. A hassle-free gaming experience means significant growth of the user base.

Reliability Test

The QA Engineers must also ensure the game is reliable. This means the game should be easy to use (No use of any complex processes), must be user-friendly and there should be tutorials and a help desk available for beginners to learn and play the game.

Load Test

Concurrent user handling capability for hours of time without any crashes is a hallmark of a good competitive game. The QA Team should also check whether the app is crashing if the number of users increases simultaneously. If the iGaming platform can handle 10k+ concurrent users then the game will surge to success for sure.

Wrapping up!

The aforementioned points easily explain how important the job of the QA Team is. There are so many other areas too where they keep their eye on pinpointed and checks for every necessary problem, issue, and requirement users may face after installing the app.

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