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Important Features and Functionalities Needed in a Real Money Games/ Skill Based Games


Mobile games are in trend especially Real money game/ Skill Based Games. People are getting crazy to play online real money games rather than other entertaining games available on the internet. Real Money gaming apps are the special category apps where users play games on the virtual platform but the real money is being paid to the winner of the competition.

Users who are involved in such games have to purchase coins or chips to play the games and also place bets during the games. On winning the competition, the winners earn more chips in their accounts. The game chips and coins are then redeemed for real money.

Some Amazing Mobile Game Facts:

  • Today 2.5 Billion gamers are worldwide and total revenue of 152.1 Billion dollars worldwide in 2020.
  • Among the total revenue, the highest revenue comes from the real money gaming industry.
  • India has the highest number of real money game users in 2020, due to Corona Pandemic Lockdown.

Features Of Real money games/ Skill based games

When it comes to building real money games, one must have to take care of special features and functionalities to entertain the players and also offer them opportunities to win the game. Here is the list of features that should be in a real money game development. Without them, you might not achieve what you wish.

  • Earning Perceptive:

Most of the gamers have been scolded by the elder people saying that playing a game is a diaphanous wastage of time & no earning is possible spending time on playing games. Yes, that was right before few years and but today, the scenario has changed. That’s why the notion is nullified with the emergence of real money games where players can earn real money via playing.

The earning prospect should be in the game to allure and indulge the gamers to opt for the opportunities to earn money via playing the game. So, let the users play the game and earn the money. For this, you have to add some strategic competition where a player with basic skills can win the game and earn money.

Believe it or not, the concept of winning games and earning money is truly heaven to online gamers in the 21st Century.

  • Device Compatible:

Installing a real money game in a device means adding a new task in the mobile that helps you earn some extra income in your account. Or in other words, you will have a casino in a pocket when you install a casino game on a mobile device. But not all have the same devices. As a game owner, an app should be device compatible and also OS version compatible. To cover the large crowd, an app must be compatible device and OS too.


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  • Unique UI/UX:

This is one of the most required and primary features of real money games. Just imagine, who will even wish to play a game with a low-quality User Interface and design? Of course, no one. Each game has its unique UI/UX based on the theme of a game. For example, Poker game design components should be a well-designed table, cards, a well-structured of points, etc.

Color is very much important to create a quick impression on the users even before getting it installed on their device. This requires a game design specialist who has years of experienced and extra-ordinary skills to create a positive impact on the gaming aspirants at a first glance.

  • Opt for the Best Payment Gateway:

Real money games are all about earning the money for both players and owners. The disbursement has been done through the payment gateway, that’s a universal truth; no physical cash is involved in it. So, the importance of a payment gateway in real money games is much higher than any other element of a game. Pick up the reputable and trustworthy payment gateway to let the users deposit and withdraw money following simple steps.

It’s in need of an hour for any real money gaming apps. Without this feature, there is no existence of it. Get a highly scalable and easy-to-adapt payment gateway to reduce the deposit and withdrawal hassles.

  • Multiple Transaction Options:

A single mode of transaction is an old-school thing nowadays and many considered it as an outdated one. There are multiple transaction options are available in the market and people use them as per their requirements. So, to include all the users in your real money game; you must opt for multiple transaction options for the users to buy and redeem the chips and coins as per their convenience. Better to be with the top 5 transaction options because including each payment system costs you a certain amount.

One more thing, the 3rd party transaction systems are different for each country. So, if you are planning to build an app that can be accessed from different countries; you should have to play wisely to choose the transaction modes.

  • Highly Scalable and Robust Server:

Accessing and storing the data in a convenient way is a necessity for both game owners and players. As the number of app users increases and accesses the app at the same time, an ordinary server can’t handle the bulk requests at the same time. It may delay the operation and within a fraction of seconds, a player who is going to win the game will lose it. That will create a bad impact. It shouldn’t be. Sometimes, your app might get crashed. There is nothing a bigger disaster for the game owner ever in the world.

Depending on your app users, you should opt for a standard and robust server to handle the user requests and process them quickly. This will create satisfaction in users and so, your app’s reputation will increase to the next level. We don’t think that we should explain the importance of reputation in the gaming industry.

These are a few common but the most vital features and functionalities of the real money game apps. No matter what kind of app you are going to build, these should be included in it; otherwise, it may not deliver the results you are desiring for.

Isn’t your mind getting calm due to continuously thinking about the real money game and its features? Don’t worry, we will make your mind calm by delivering the actual real money game solution with unique features. Contact Artoon Solutions today to transform your imaginary idea into the real world.

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