Skill Based Game of Type

We provide skill based games in over 100 categories, and all of them are commonly played games and attract players of various skillset. Some of our game offerings are as follows:

Our Services

If you opt for our developed skill based games, there will be several things that can be offered to you from our side. Our services range from a power-packed mashup of everything you need, like:

Game Designing
Game Designing

We can apply several kinds of designs and aesthetics to create an entertaining game for you.


We also have drawers and sketchers who can create a pleasing static visual to your game’s content, similar to what we see in the intro screen of any game.


We will also provide a wireframe of the games, through which you can get a clear idea of the layout, page structure, intended behaviors, etc.


We will also provide a correct name, term, and logo to your game so that it gains apt recognition in any player’s mind.

Technology Stack for Skill Based Games

We implement technologies like FCM, Fabric iOS, Android Studio, AWS, GeoFence, Mantis BT, and others to deliver the most premium user interface to your customers. By the utilization of these high-end technologies, Artoon Solutions make sure that your game runs without any bugs. The games that we make support most OS platforms, letting you have a wider user base.



Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Mantis BT
Mean Stack
Google API
Google Webmaster
Google Analytics
Swift iOS

How to Design and Development?

We follow the below-given design and development stages to prepare a top-notch skill based game for you.

  • Development
  • Architecture


  • In the first step, we conceptualize an idea of the skill based game. We think of the aim the game wants to provide to the players.
  • While conceptualization, we see the scope of the entire development of the game and also find out the issues, opportunities, and directives, which triggered the project.
  • This stage is important to calculate the requirements and risks involved in the production of the app.
  • In this stage, we determine a deadline for delivering the project to our customers.
  • In the planning stage, we determine our primary objective behind developing the game.
  • We find and fix on a cost or price margin and also the necessary resources that are required for developing the game.
  • We delve deeper into the risks and find out remedies to counter them.
  • Thus, we calculate everything that is needed to decline the rate of risk by counter solutions.
  • We also collect user requirements through interviews with clients and questionnaires.
  • Thus, we try to remove all the inconsistencies and incompleteness in this stage.
  • In the wireframing stage, we make a two-dimensional outline of the skill based game.
  • Wireframing helps us in having a clear concept of the page structure, layout, information architecture, and intended behavior.
  • Depending on the detailing of objects you need, we develop structures either manually through hand or digitally via software.
  • In this stage, the client gets an overview of how the game is going to be designed before the developer finalizes the code.
  • In this stage, the production or development of the skill based game begins.
  • Here, the developers maintain a close similarity with the blueprint that they had created in the past stages.
  • Developers are highly involved in this stage to formulate codes, and they confirm things with product owners and testers very frequently to deliver proper results.
  • This stage involves the testing of the developed skill based game and its features.
  • It is the phase where every single defect or bug of the game is found out, fixed, and later re-tested.
  • The game is tested more times until it reaches perfection.
  • Here, testers also check for the code quality, meeting of stated requirements, and maintenance of secure development principles.
  • This is the final stage in the whole development process, where the game, after being tested, is finally deployed to the commercial market.
  • In some cases, the deployment process is not completely direct, as the skill based game is released only for our client to gain feedback.
  • However, after gaining proper approval and making adequate enhancements, we finally release it publicly or deploy the fully-baked version to our customer.


We implement and incorporate elements like Graphics and Sound/ Audio Engine, Rendering & Vision-Input Engine, I/O Devices, and all DLL files and Drivers/ Device APIs to develop a robust architecture of our skill based game and make it playable on every platform.

Cost of Development

We provide 3 different packages, which differ as per the cost and services offered. Most of them come at an affordable price rate so that you can freely choose whatever you need without any hesitation.

Our Client

We have a vast range of clients whom we have served with our intuitive and interesting skill based games to keep their users glued to it. The skilled-based games we developed helped them to earn revenues and customer loyalty, which also did its part in increasing their brand’s reputation amongst the competitors.


Why Choose Artoon Solution Skill Based Game?

We at Artoon Solutions aim to provide the most premium experience to each of our clients. So, for that, we have plentiful things to reason out why you should choose us for the development of skill based games. Here are some legitimates features of our service that we make sure for optimum customer experience.

Efficient Team of Experts
Efficient Team of Experts

Our brands aim at delivering optimum services. So, for that, we have an in-house team of proficient software developers who have long-drawn experience in the field of developing skill based games.

Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions

We at Artoon Solutions provide a creative outlook to your game that will feel not only intuitive and enjoyable while playing but also look good while you use your brain to win the game.

Meet Deadlines Properly
Meet Deadlines Properly

We also intend on delivering our projects to you as early as they can be. This is why we have a great task force working in the back to deliver and develop the game rapidly without any compromise in its quality.

Intricate Attention to Things
Intricate Attention to Things

We give superior attention to details, even when it is about small things. From scheduling timelines and deadlines to monitoring the progress of the game development, we aim to stand out from the rest of our competitors.


What are skill based games?

Skill based games are those games that make use of mental skills. Usually, fighting games, arcade games, fantasy games, or mystery games are the most popular types of skill based games that we develop.

How often will updates be pushed to make changes to my game?

Based on your requirement, we will try to push updates as early as it can be. But in general, to keep your game updated according to newer frameworks, we offer updates every 2 months.

How long will you take to deliver my skill based game?

Typically for delivering a game, we will need a maximum of 7 days. But if your requirements are increased in the mid-way, the number of days will also increase.

What information do I need to provide to get a cost estimate for my game development requirement?

It is essential on your part to give a game design document that will enlist everything. Also, you need to email us explaining the idea or concept you want in your game, and then call us and have a thorough conversation with our team.

Can people make money from the games you develop?

The obvious answer is yes! Even if your game is free for users, you can include in-app purchases and advertisements to make money out of it.

What are the gaming platforms that support your games?

We develop games that support most types of OS; it is dependent on your needs and target base. We can provide games for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows (PC and Mobile), Max & Linux, and also develop browser and Facebook games

What to do when I want to add more features to my skill based game?

If you want to add some additional features to the game, simply contact us so that we can develop a suitable patch for you, which will be sent through an update.

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