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A Quick Differences Between Skill Based and Luck Based (Gambling) Games


For the last couple of years, online games are gaining popularity gradually as digital entertainment nowadays. Since the Corona break out, people have been spending more time on mobile devices and kill the time playing games online. Regardless of age, most people have been playing games on their mobiles to keep themselves entertained in their free time. But when it comes to online gaming, there must be a debate on two types of games: Skill Based Games & Luck Based Games.

Here we come up with quick differences to let the gamers understand both are not the same. Because there is a narrow line that can differentiate these both gaming types. Let’s start one by one.

Skilled Based Games:

Talking about the matter of online games, skill-based games are games in which the winner of the game is selected by the player’s skills of fast reaction, quick understanding, and of course, the experience there too. Other included skills are mental skills like strategic thinking, the ability to tackle logic, trivia information of a game, etc. The best example of a skill-based game is puzzle game.

Games That Come Under the Skill Based Games:

Puzzle Games: They rely on mental skills (logic abilities). Users need to solve some specific types of puzzles and yes, such games come up with a time limit like the puzzle within 30 to 45 seconds.

Word Games: These are similar to puzzles but in terms of words. Such games are like creating a proper word by rearranging the alphabet or making a sentence grammatically right by choosing the right word for it.

Arcade Games: Such games require quick thinking and quick fingers tips on the mobile screen. Such games improve your behavior to see multiple things at the same time.

The above games are good for kids to improve their logical capability and faster their thinking speed in certain situations. While the below skill-based game types are widely popular for the last 4-5 years and deliver pure entertainment to adult gamers.

Fantasy Sports: Well, it doesn’t need an introduction in the 21st century but for trivial information, these games completely rely on the users’ ability to assemble the team by choosing the right group of players.

Card Games: The users play the games using playing cards online & require a good sense of mathematical logic and sound use of probability. However, here the term gets a little bit tricky. Because Teenpatti is also played with the playing cards but doesn’t count in the skill-based card games; it is categorized in the luck-based games, instead.

Play Skill-Based Games to Earn Money:

Before 3-4 years, a large crowd of mobile gamers didn’t know that their gaming skills could help earning money. But today, people know there are plenty of ways to generate money by playing games online. You only need to be a logically sound and good understanding of the game structure you are playing. However, luck also plays a part but it’s a little to none.

If you have more extraordinary gaming skills than your opponents, you have a higher chance of winning the game and earning money. Asking for the games that can give a higher winning amount in return? We would recommend sports fantasy and card games.

There is no doubt that playing skilled-based games can deliver you great fun but making money through it makes your experience even better.

Luck-Based Games:

Luck-based games are games in which the outcome is strongly influenced by some devices or software and upon which players may select to wager money or something of monetary value. The common devices are spinning tops, dice, roulette wheels, playing cards, or balls with numbers.

Remember: a luck-based game that involves money or anything that has a monetary value is GAMBLING.

Games That Come Under the Luck (Chance) Based Games:

Card Games: Some card games like Teenpatti and poker are popular in luck-based games. However, it’s a debatable topic.

Spin the Wheel Games: These games rely on the device and software on which the game is built. There is no big play of a user. He/she has to just press the button and let the wheel spin and stop at a random number.

Absolute Luck Games: In such games, there is no amount of skill or in-depth knowledge that helps you win the game. Examples are coin flips, die rolls, etc.

How to Earn Money through Luck-Based Games?

Well, the name itself suggests luck-based games so, your gaming skills don’t work here to generate money. Let your luck play the game and if your luck is stronger than your opponents, you will win the game. It’s as simple as that.

However, there are some exception cases too. Poker is a luck-based game because you can’t trick with your cards but yes, you can use your mind to read others and play bluff to win over your opponents.

Since the monetary value is associated with luck-based games, the legality concerns are different from country to country. Let’s understand with an example, the poker game is still a “luck-based game” in Germany while one State Federal Judge of New York has given approval to it as a “skill-based game”.

Skill games require physical ability, logical thinking, and learning capacity to ace the game. It means a gamer should have sound skills to make strategy, use tactics, coordination, and technical expertise and knowledge. While in the end, none of the above skills are necessary to win the game.

These are a few basic details you should know about online gaming types and how they are different from each other. Stay tuned with us to sharpen your knowledge about online gaming and how it is changing the mobile industry.


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