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Why are card games on top of skill-based games?


What is a skill-based game?

Real money games in other words are skill-based games where all types of games that include skill, strategy, tactics, proper game knowledge, and logical thinking are involved. Generally, a real-money game means when the user buys chips/coins to play the game and after winning the user can redeem the chips/coins in real money. However, if the user loses the match/game, all the invested money will vanish. Each chip/coin has a monetary value. Here every win is rewarding and every defeat is a loss.

Some examples of real money games are MPL(Rummy), Poker Dangal (Callbreak), MyTeam11 (Rummy), WinZo (29 Cards, Mindi), Indian Rummy (Artoon Games), CallBreak, Solitaire etc.

Skill-based card games are the most popular games in India as well as globally. People always like to play card games in their leisure time, to socialize with friends, and some play for earning purposes as well.

So, what are the top features that make card games on top of skill-based games?

Let’s go step by step.

  • The game of skill
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • 2D/3D Designs
  • Safe & Secure
  • Math & odds

The game of skill

Card games come under the skill and strategy-based games most often, like Rummy, Call Break, Solitaire. As strategy, logical thinking comes to play, it boosts the brain in quality decision-making. It can be played with family members too, which makes the game user’s first choice. Most often card games take a lot of time to finish the game so it goes without saying that it is a platform that gives unlimited fun, entertainment and skills at the same time.

Courts of law consider it as the game of skill and hence it is completely legal to play in most countries. Some people don’t like to invest money and they want to play a game to relax and for entertainment purposes only, but if you are getting some skills and can earn real money at the same time, investing money in real money games is a good idea. This is also the reason behind real money games being the source of income for many people around the world since it is a skill-based game.

Advanced UI/UX

There is no doubt UI/UX is a prime factor in grabbing someone’s attention in any type of game. In recent years, we are continuously witnessing some awesome UI/UX designs and that makes the game even more exciting. The card games are always exciting as it involves skills, strategy, tactics, logical thinking, etc. So, it goes without saying that if the owner is able to target a large audience through its unique and advanced UI/UX, then the owner can generate huge revenues in the future.

2D/3D designs

There are two types of games i.e 2D games and 3D games. It is obvious that 2D game designing shall be done at a lesser duration in comparison to 3D games. Let’s take an example, in 2D games the background is just an image comparing the same with 3D games the background will have different assets.

For example, the background of a seashore will contain a chair, an umbrella, beach ball, coconut, etc. Comparing the same with a 2D background simply an image will be there. Henceforth, a game owner should look at designing 2D/3D games, as most gamers prefer these new feature-rich games and it creates a real feeling for the gamers.

Safe & Secure

In card games, the payment gateway must be of the highest quality. Specifically, in real money(skill-based) card games, payment options become highly important as users will continuously do transactions. If the payment gateway is not up to the mark then users might face issues that will result in a degraded user experience.

The owner should always go for secure payment options and adding a feature like multiple payment options i.e Debit card, Credit card, and UPI payments like GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc will make the game trustworthy and that will result in generating huge revenues.

Math & Odds

If you have played card games, then you know how much difference it does with the cards you have compared to the opponent. If cards can affect the game to a certain degree, then it is not luck anymore. Yes, there still leaves a small amount of luck in the short run. But probability always stays correct in the longest run of the game. For a short game in poker, you might need luck but on the same hand in the long run you will earn huge profits. What this means is, any game that involves probability, maths, and odds is a skill-based game and it creates another level of excitement, thrill, competition in the game.


So, after knowing all of this it won’t be wrong to say card games are the face of skill-based games. People have liked playing card games for a long time and it is no wonder why card games are becoming so popular day by day.

A game development company must have in-house proven and experienced 2D/3D Designers, Frontend/Backend Developers, QA team(Testers), Server management team, Project managers. If a game development company is having such buzzed in-house respective departments then it goes without saying that the outcome that is the end result of the product will be picture-perfect.

Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is having 14+ years of developing mobile/ web games with picture-perfection delivery through its 250+ in-house IT gaming experts. Let’s get in touch and we assure you to turn your dreams into reality.

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