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With extensive experience of 14+ years in Solitaire app development, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a prime candidate to develop your Solitaire game. Our client portfolio is just another reason why you should partner with us. You can choose between four variants of Solitaire such as Free Cell, Spider, Klondike, and TriPeaks. You can choose accordingly and even pick all for your multigaming platform or a standalone game. Including all of them will be the best decision if you want to give your users more options. We also offer various modes which help to make the Solitaire game more enjoyable for all audiences.

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What We Provide to You

Multiple Solitaire Variants

Cater to everyone’s choice by delivering multiple Solitaire variants and modes from a single application. We can help you offer users a better experience by offering them the best choice of options


1 card deck is dealt into 7 piles with the first card upright with a stockpile

Free Cell

1 card deck is dealt out completely without a stockpile. All cards face down


Slightly more challenging as it makes use of 2 card decks


Arranged in a pyramid, place cards with value 1 above/below the stockpile card

Best Solitaire Game Developers in India

  • If you are looking for an experienced Solitaire game development company to help make the most of your investment. Our resources equipped with our game development experts results in excellent Solitaire game solutions.
  • There are several Solitaire software solutions we offer catering to web application or mobile application requirements.
  • If provided with the API, we can integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment solutions into your game during the Solitaire card game development process itself.

Solitaire Card Game Development Features

Play vs Computer

No need to wait for automatic matchmaking, play vs computer logic

Latest Game Rules

We incorporate all the most recent and modern Solitaire game rules

Multi-Language Support

Make a global game by ensuring everyone can pick a familiar language

Install and Play

Easily download the game, install, and start playing Solitaire games

More Features We Offer (Custom Features)

Complete Solitaire Game Customization

Design a Solitaire game that offers users ability to customize every aspect of their game room

Admin & User Dashboard

User dashboard provides data and analytics while admin dashboard provides control and security

Multi-Currency Support

Give users the chance to pick a currency that is convenient for them given their location

Daily Login Bonuses

Persuade users to log in daily to receive bonuses that will help to further their game

Unlock Achievements and Quests

Continue playing regularly to unlock achievements and quests along the way

What is the cost of Solitaire game development?

Although we can’t provide an exact Solitaire card game development cost, we assure you that you will only pay according to your requirements, nothing more! Solitaire development costs depend on complexity of the game, number of Solitaire modes to add, resources required, and development duration.

Tech Stack Our Solitaire Game Developers Use

The Solitaire games we develop are made with the best technologies that offer high functionality and excellent graphics. Take a look at the tech stack our Solitaire game developers use.




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









Solitaire Game Development Cycle


Our Clients

Why You Should Choose Artoon Solutions for Your Solitaire Game Development

If you are looking for a serious and skilled Solitaire game development company partner to offer you long-term game development services, Artoon Solutions is the best place for you. Our core clients are from the USA, India, and other countries around the world. With over 14 years experience covering all aspects of game development, we are soundly equipped to handle any requirement a client approaches us with.

  • Over 250 Experienced IT Professionals
  • 14+ Years of Experience in Game Development
  • 800+ Client Projects completed according to Custom Requirements
  • Experience working with big names such as MPL, Winzo, Flipkart, Junglee Games, A23, BatBall 11, YooZoo Games, Zupee, Dangal Games & Good Gamer.
  • Development of Web and Mobile Game Solutions
  • Use of Modern and Powerful Technologies
  • Compatible Game Solutions for iOS or Android Platforms
  • Effectively Keeping Clients Updated on Project Progress


How Long does Solitaire Game Development Take?
Solitaire game development can take anywhere from a month to several months to develop. It depends on if you are looking for a readymade solution or a custom one built from scratch.
Can you Make a Solitaire Game for My Existing Multigaming Platform?
Yes, if you would like a Solitaire game developed for your multigaming platform, we will be able to provide it this way.
How much will Developing a Solitaire Game Cost?
An exact cost estimate cannot be drawn out. However, your requirements will be essential in influencing the final cost. This includes the number of features, size of development team, delivery deadlines, and how many variants you want.
Can you Develop a Real-Money Solitaire Game?
Yes, if you want a real-money Solitaire game, we can develop the same. But, if you want it to be a virtual money game, we can also develop such a game.
What other Card Games do you Develop?
Apart from Solitaire, other card games our Solitaire game developer experts can develop are Callbreak, 21 Cards, Teen Patti, 29 Cards, Mindi, and Court Piece.
What is the Probability of Winning in Solitaire?
Given the complexity and variations of the game, this answer can vary. If you don’t know where each card is, the probability of winning decreases. Similarly, if you don’t have infinite redeals, it becomes harder to win. There are easier variants of Solitaire such as FreeCell which has all cards shown.
How long have you been Developing Solitaire Games For?
We have been developing Solitaire games for around 14 years. Because of our vast experience and attention to design and function, we have become a commended

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