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21 card game is a skilled-based game very similar to Blackjack, 21 Blitz, and is a typical 21 puzzle card game. Despite being an old game, we constantly find ways to make each 21-card app we make unique. Our 14+ years of experience have been instrumental in our journey to perfecting 21 card game development, especially when delivering according to client requirements. You can get Android or iOS game solutions to target specific users. Want assurance of a high-quality solution? Hire Artoon Solutions to get a 21-card game solution that aligns with users’ preferences.

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What You Can Expect

Ensure users never get tired of using your 21 Card app by providing a few different game modes. Offer some basic playing modes but also add a few that other 21 card game apps don’t use

Player vs. Player Mode

Take the competition to the competitor, play against the best players globally

Player vs. Bot Mode

Eliminate matchmaking time. Have a fast game against the computer bot

Player vs. Friend

Share an invite and play with friends or family in a private game

Top 21 Card Game Developers in India

  • 14+ years of seamlessly developing card games, including various 21 card game solutions, has given us insight into what makes a 21 card game popular. Additionally, we create high-quality solutions directly according to the client’s requirements.
  • You can choose from ready-to-use 21 card game solutions (Whitelabel Solutions) or custom solutions that require limited customization adjustments (Turnkey Solutions).
  • Also, if you are interested in including a cryptocurrency payment option, you can provide us with the API, and we will integrate it into your game during its development.

21 Card Game Development Features

Account Creation/Login

Account creation enables the saving of game progress to continue later. Alternatively, allow users to play as a guest.

One-on-One Game Mode

Allow a fair game by letting one player face off against another in a one-on-one game.

Multiplayer Game Mode

Players can match with other players from around the world and test their 21 card skills

Real Hand Movements

Make the user feel like they are actually in the game with natural hand movements!

Design Customization

Make your 21 Card app stand out from the rest with unique graphics and design

Other Features You Can Expect


Enable competitions against global competitors that will reward exclusive bonuses that will give users a step up in the game

In-App Purchases

Earn money by offering users the ability to buy more chips or customized wallpapers with real currency

User Management

Be the admin and ensure that you maintain your game’s integrity. Choose to remove fraudulent players from the user management menu

Player Feedback

Feedback from players helps to improve your game and solve existing bugs and errors

Multiple Payment Options

Give users more choice by providing several ways to pay for their in-app purchases

How Much Does 21 Card Game Development Cost?

An exact 21 card game development cost is impossible to give! Various factors affect the cost, and each project differs from the last. Each game’s customization and complexity varies, creating changes to the cost of the 21 card app project. You must provide your project’s details to get a more accurate quote.

Technologies We Use in 21 Card Game Development

21 card game is a card game requiring excellent functionality if it is to be enjoyed by players. Selecting the right technologies plays a significant role in ensuring that the application is its best




Fabric iOS


Android Studio








Mantis BT


MEAN Stack


Google API


Google Search Console


Google Analytics






Swift iOS









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Why Choose Artoon Solutions for 21 Card Game Development

Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been developing card games, among other games, for over a decade. Throughout our years, we have been working with clients across the globe, which has given us immense experience to keep serving clients globally. Other reasons for our popularity are as follows:

  • 14+ years experience in card game development
  • Partnership experience dealing with big names such as MPL, Winzo, Flipkart, Junglee Games, A23, BatBall 11, YooZoo Games, Zupee, Dangal Games & Good Gamer.
  • Successful completion of over 900 client projects
  • Taskforce consisting of 250+ IT experts
  • Development options of both Android, iOS, or Web applications
  • Delivery of projects on time and according to specific client requirements
  • Clear communication of project milestones to clients


How long does it take to develop a 21-card game?
It can take between three and six months to develop a 21-card game. Depending on customizations, it could take a bit longer.
Is 21 Card Game a skill-based or luck-based game?
This game incorporates skill-based strategies, meaning 21 card app development does rely entirely upon the user to dictate the outcome. It takes skill to decide when to hit and when to stay.
How many cards do you get in the 21 card game?
The dealer will automatically deal two cards to themself and two cards to each player. After this, each player has the choice of receiving a card (hitting) or not receiving a card (staying).
Is 21 card game and Blackjack the same?
Yes, Blackjack and 21 are the same card game, as they have the same strategy. The only notable difference is that in Blackjack, users only face the dealer, while in 21 Card Game, users face the dealer and other users on the table.
Do you develop cross-platform 21 Card Game apps?
Yes, our 21 card app developers can develop a cross-platform app that is capable of running on Android and iOS devices. This way, you can satisfy players from both operating platforms with a single application.
Can this 21 card game be included in a multigaming platform?
We can include the 21-card game in your multigaming platform or mobile application. If your multigaming platform or application surrounds card and casino games, a 21-card game will fit right in.

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